Halloween 2010

I know everyone else has moved on, but here are our pictures from Halloween:

I finally talked both girls into being witches, and Kaleigh dressed up as a fairy princess. Initially, Adam was going to be Curious George and Steve was going to be "The Man in the Yellow Hat". But Adam decided it was his year to be the pirate.

Adam used his costume the most times this year: three Halloween parties, two trunk-or-treats, the Haunted Dinosaur Park, and trick-or-treating. (Gone are the days of dropping lots of money for a costume that is used once. Halloween may be overdone, but at least we get our money's worth out of costumes.)

Adam couldn't even be talked into skipping one night of being a pirate to match Cowboy Steve for our church party. (Steve actually took the night off!) Steve still dressed up and sported his sweet new cowboy gun belt made by my friend, Jade:

This girl shies away from a regular camera. . . pull out a phone and she is all smiles. Go figure.

On Halloween night, we held a pumpkin carving contest. Adam won third place with "Spooky Man". (Yes, he taped the lid shut.) Lucy and I came in second with our skeleton head, that unfortunately, looked a little too much like a moon. And Steve and Rachel pulled out with win with "Fireface".

And just like that, it's over.

I guess tomorrow would be a good time to move the pumpkins off the front porch. They never were stolen.


Rebecca said...

These are GREAT pictures!

I think you should leave the pumpkins on the front porch. I am going to transition my pumpkins to Thanksgiving decor by spray painting them silver. I can do yours too. One year in Texas I even used them for Christmas decorations after I had already used them for Halloween and Thanksgiving...I painted them white and made a pumpkin snow man out of them. I want to get lots of mileage out of those punkins:)

Ryanne said...

I love the witch costumes, especially the orange boa!

Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! And yay for no stolen pumpkins!

Min said...

I can not believe your pumpkins didn't get stolen... or smashed. I really can't. Way to step it up Jefferson neighborhood.