I Am a Mother Too

I really enjoyed reading this article on the front page of today's Deseret News:

So then I watched this video clip:

And now I want to read this:

I don't read books very often. But I really am going to read this one. (As soon as I get it for Christmas.)

I have never had a promising career. (Okay, I've never had a career at all.) But this glamorous life as a mother has provided me with plenty of "What If" moments.

And it was very inspiring learning about a woman who has seen both sides and has proudly chosen motherhood.

I'm going to add Jane Clayson Johnson to my list of women I wish I was friends with. I don't actually have a list like that yet, but I think it's time to start one:

2. Jane Clayson Johnson

Who else should be on my list?

And what other books should I put on my wishlist for Christmas? I'm ready to start reading again.

(Confession: A few weeks after I married Steve, I had this split-second-thought, while he was inside 7-11 paying for gas, about running away. But it was raining. And I don't like being cold. And then I quickly remembered how much I like Steve. . . Thankfully, I've never again forgotten.)


Rebecca said...

I am loving your daily posts:)

I watched Jane Clayson Johnson's video clip a few months ago and was very inspired and read a bunch of stuff about her. It was then that I realized that I know her sister. Small world. Her sister is super impressive too...(clerked for two Supreme Court judges...knows President Bush, etc...) Her sister is a friend of mine in Dallas. She moved in right before we moved out but we had started a blog together about fun local stuff to do and we were in a little cooking group together, but I didn't realize her sister was a celebrity.

P.S. My kids are still up.

Lori said...

I was introduced to that book in one of those "moments" in my life. It's a fantastic book. I no longer say I'm "just" a mom.

byoung said...

hey emily

i am pretty sure i have that book, if you want to borrow it, or i could wrap it up and give it to you for christmas!!

Ryanne said...

I read it a couple years ago and think everyone should read it. And I don't say "I'm just a mom" either.

Kristin said...

I have that book too. I read it right before I quit my job. I love all the Sheri Dew books too. I have a secret obsession with church books and have a huge collection so if you ever want to borrow any or need a recommendation let me know.