Smells at Church

Most mornings with Adam start out something like this. . .

Adam: Mmmoooooommmmmm. I'm hungry. Can I have ice cream for breakfast?
Me: No.
Adam: But I'm really, really sick and ice cream will make me feel better.
Me: You can have cereal, oatmeal, or toast.
Adam: Then I don't like you.
Me: That's okay, I still love you.
Adam: No! If I say I don't like you, then you say you don't like me.
Me: But I always love you.
Adam: I don't like you, Mom!
Me: I think that makes Heavenly Father sad when you say that.
Adam: Hmmph.

(And then he picks oatmeal.)

But this morning went like this. . .

Adam: Good morning, Mom.
Me: Good morning, Adam. You're happy today.
Adam: Yep. I love you Mom.
Me: Thanks, Adam!
Adam: Does that make Heavenly Father happy?
Me: Yes, I think it does.
Adam: Hey, Mom. I didn't see Jesus Christ at church yesterday.
Me: Yeah, you usually can't see him there. But when you are reverent, you can feel the Holy Ghost.
Adam: Mom! I smelled the Holy Ghost at church!
Me: (Laughing. Partly because Adam is funny. And partly because I smelled something at church yesterday too. But I'm quite certain it wasn't the Holy Ghost.)


Debra said...

That kid is funny! When can he come make me laugh some more??

i'm h.mac said...

now that is FUNNY!

Rebecca said...

That's so cute:)

MaRea Hess said...

What a creative little boy!

Amanda said...

Lol. That's hilarious. I like him.
And I'm pretty sure what you smelled was Max. When I picked him up from nursery yesterday his pants were so full his crotch was hanging at his knees. Ummmm I guess the smell didn't bother them enough to come find us to change his bum.

Molly said...

ha ha! how funny!

ruby usually wants mac'n'cheese for breakfast... i tell her that mac'n'cheese is not a breakfast food and i tell her she can have cereal, toast, or an egg... then she chooses one of them, changes her mind after i have already made one of them... i make the other one (because i just want her to eat) and then she doesn't eat either of them!! everyday.

Aneesa Bee said...

ha ha LOL. Malachi wants to know why I'm laughing. I love kids. They really see it like it is, you know?