Thanksgiving Craft Day: Butter and Boats

For Craft Day yesterday, we made butter and boats.

1. To make the butter, you will need heavy whipping cream and some small canning jars. (Smaller jars are easier for smaller arms to shake.)

2. Let the whipping cream warm to room temperature.

3. Fill the jars halfway full with the whipping cream and screw the lids on very tightly.

4. Turn on some music and start shaking:


5. After a while (20 minutes or so) you will see the cream start to pull away from the jar. And then you will see the butter starting to form:

6. Keep shaking for another 5 or 10 minutes, until it becomes more of a lump of butter, surrounded by buttermilk.

7. Open the lid and drain the buttermilk. (It is not buttermilk like you would buy at the store; I wouldn't recommend drinking it.)

8. Pour cold water into the jar, shake for another minute, and drain again. (If any buttermilk is left on the butter, it will spoil within 24 hours.)

9. Press any remaining water out of the butter. (You can use your hands, the back of a spoon, or a clean cloth.)

10. Flavor with salt and enjoy!

We ate scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast for dinner so we could use the butter on our toast.

I get lots of neat ideas from the blog, Say Yes to Hoboken. Liz often posts links to things she contributes to the Babble Family Style blog. I really liked these Top 5 Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids.

The Walnut boats were my favorite so we made them too. Buy extra walnuts; they are hard to crack.

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Aneesa Bee said...

so cute!!! I've been making butter a lot lately and we really like it. The buttermilk left over is GREAT in pancakes and cooking. And my dad thinks it is heaven.