Looks Like We Do Have Some Skills & Pay Your Tithing

I tried to take a nap this afternoon. It didn't work out too well. My phone kept ringing and buzzing, and then someone rang the doorbell.

"Mom! Rebecca's here!" Rachel yelled.

"Tell her I'm asleep," I mumbled.

"She says it's important and you can earn some money."

That woke me up.

Rebecca has a knack for finding good jobs. Like scrapbooking jobs for famous people that require her to sign confidentiality agreements not to disclose their identities that pay $50 per hour.

And I've had my share of easy money too. Steve and I used to walk down the hall of the TSC and have our financial aid counselor stop us. "Why don't you stop by my office? I found some extra grant money, and I think you two will qualify for it." And I'm pretty confident we made more money off of experimental studies at Utah State than any other students in history. Prescription coupons, Gap Rewards, I could go on and on.*

Anyhow, this afternoon, we all got to be models for a Similac advertisement. Twenty-five bucks a person. (All those kids come in handy every once in a while.) Each one of us spent maybe 45 seconds in front of the camera. We were back home within thirty minutes. . . with a wad of cash in my back pocket. It was pretty awesome.

(I really wish I would have thought to take a picture/video of Adam. Based on his performance today, he might have a future in the modeling business.)

*We have been given unexpected money and been blessed with strange ways to earn money, over and over and over again, immediately after paying our tithing. (Ten percent of our income that we contribute back to our church.) And even though I didn't just write out a check for tithing, what a great reminder this was of all of the times we have been blessed with situations like this right when we needed it most. I know that if I pay my tithing, things will somehow work out. They always do.


Rebecca said...

It's true...I have been paid to do some crazy stuff. The scrapbook job wasn't advertised at $50 an hour...I just told them if they wanted me that's how much they had to pay me. Their lawyer who was the one negotiating with me thought that was way too much to be paying someone to scrapbook, but she herself was probably billing my employer $350/hour. She told me they really wanted me, so I told them that's how much they had to pay me. That was a good gig for those law school years and such a BLESSING! Did I ever tell you how I found out about that job? Tyler was reading an old copy of the Releif Society bulletin while he was sitting in Sunday School.

Lori said...


Molly said...

you know i love those easy money makers:)

and.. ahem, who is this mysterious confidential client and how can i work for them?? :)

Rebecca said...

believe me Molly, you don't want to work for my former client...not worth it:)