Milligan Family Christmas Party 2010

On Saturday, we went up to Logan for the 2010 Milligan Family Christmas Party. It was held at the American West Heritage Center, and the views were beautiful. Ever since we went to Kyle & MaRea's wedding dinner in the Opera House six or seven years ago, I've thought it was the perfect venue for a reception. . . and even a Christmas party.

All six Milligan children were in attendance and 22 out of the 27 Milligan grandchildren were there with many of their spouses and children. (If somebody will email me some of the group pictures, I'd love to post them.) All together, there were about 100 people at the party. So many cousins were in attendance that regrettably, I didn't get a chance to visit with everyone.

The food was delicious and the games and entertainment were great. Too bad David didn't give in and show us his MC Hammer dance moves. Then it would have been perfect.

Kaleigh wouldn't sit still on the wagon long enough to wait for the carriage ride, so it left without her. She sure was mad and chased those horses clear across the field.

Sam threw a snowball at Lucy and made her cry, so I recruited her some help to retaliate. My kids sure had fun playing with many of my cousins' children. (I think you all should move closer.)

Thanks for the great party, Marilyn!

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Rebecca said...

Love these pictures! You always get so many great shots. That view of the Wellsville Mountains was really amazing.