Skills to Pay the Bills

I hired a lady to come braid Kaleigh's hair last week. It cost $50 (a good price) and took her all of 35 minutes (and that was with an uncooperative child).

Do the math and that works out to $85.71 per hour.

(My mother-in-law says braids in the south can cost more like $250.)

Forget college. Law school. Medical school. And even pharmacy school. Just start training your fingers to braid hair.

(And you are welcome to practice on Kaleigh anytime.)


Aneesa Bee said...

wow. that is a good living! And I hope the hair stays braided for a while so it's worth it! cute.

Rebecca said...

and maybe a minor in marketing

Rebecca said...
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Lori said...

yah $50 is CHEAP. my YW pay a butt-load for their hair out here. Maybe I'll have them teach me and I'll braid Kaleigh's hair when I come in june. ;)