Rachel had her first ski lesson at Snowbasin on Monday. (Take a lesson on a Saturday and there are lots of kids in the class; go on a school day and there aren't any other kids in the class.) Rachel told me that I should stay home and clean the house so it would be nice like Angie's. And that it would be easier to find things if our house wasn't so messy. But I didn't want to miss out on the fun at Snowbasin, so. . . . well, sorry kids.

I packed a lunch and took the three younger kids up to cheer Rachel on. She quite enjoyed the audience and, after completing her two hour lesson, went up the Little Cat lift all by herself. The temperature was fairly warm and the slopes were empty. . . my kind of skiing. Too bad I am stuck waiting till next year. (Again.) We are really excited about Snowbasin's new Learn to Ski and Earn a Season Pass program and hope they do it again next year when Lucy is old enough to participate.

P.S. I updated to Blogger's new post editor to create my first draft of this post. (Dashboard>Settings>Select Post Editor>Select Updated Editor) At first, I thought it was going to be wonderful since you upload as many pictures as you want at once and can resize photos with the click of a button. But I didn't like the limitations with sizes, alignment, or that I couldn't figure out how to eliminate the spaces that showed up in between some photos. So I switched back to the old editor and started over. Maybe I will play around with it more later. Or maybe I will cross my fingers and hope Blogger fixes the issues.


Rachel said...

I used to use Windows Live Writer to blog, but now that I have a Mac (largely in thanks to you!), I can't use that. So I have been using blogger again the past few weeks, and have been using the updated editor version. It isn't great, but I do prefer it to the old version of Blogger -- I hate that you can only upload five pics at a time, and that it uploads them in the opposite order you choose them. I wish there was a comparable program of Windows Live Writer for Mac.

The skiing looks fun. We don't ski -- I don't like paying ridiculous amounts of money to be cold all day. But that looks like it was a nice ski day.

Molly said...

What a champ. Made me want to go up to the blue skies of snowbasin. my biceps are still recovering from that workout this week.....