2010: The Year in Review

A piano for my golden birthday. Lots of scripture reading and not nearly enough brownie eating. Trolley District meetings about streetcars. Junior League meetings, OPAPO meetings, and Relief Society meetings. A trip to Las Vegas with Mike & Angie. Sonora Grill awarded Best Mexican restaurant in Utah. A rainy trip to Florida with Adam to help Steve's brother's family. A sunny afternoon at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. A Jerry Springer-like retrieval of Derrick's daughter and the subsequent change in custody. A snowy spring break. A cowboy birthday party for my favorite three-year-old. Trips to fun places like the Dinosaur Park, Treehouse Museum, and the Tulip Festival. Backpacking with Steve and friends to Havasupai Falls. Another visit at the ghetto dentist. Ballard Family trip to Yellowstone National Park. The best day of Lucy's life. Visits to Grandpa, Summerfest, and canoeing at First Dam. Rachel's first letter to the editor. The first of many trips to Lagoon. Another wonderful Fourth of July celebration with the Ballards. Mowing the grass and pulling weeds at the Oasis Community Garden. Another firework show. . . officially voted the Best Firework Show of the Year. The kids (and I) finally got to be in a parade. And then there was that day that we rode in a plane, on a train, and on a horse! Adam mastered the art of blowing a hug. Justin Hamilton got married and we got to see all of the original Cafe Sabor employees at his wedding. Our longest family trip of the year, a roadtrip to Coeur d'Alene to see this family and this family. Worked in the garden, went swimming at the pool, attended family reunions, went to the rodeo, and laughed at funny things our kids said. Learned how to play pickleball and how to tie-dye capes with Kool-Aid. Then summer was over and Rachel and Lucy went back to school. But not for long. The Tetons were calling my name. A beautiful Labor Day weekend at Wolf Creek with the Malouf Family. Craft Days continued (almost) every Wednesday. Then it was finally here: the harvest. Unfortunately, we had a little accident. A family trip to Las Vegas and I got to eat at my favorite restaurant for the third time in one year. Adam started preschool (Hurray!!!) Celebrated nine years of marriage. Discovered Black Island Farms. Learned how to do some crazy hair. Had a great Halloween with Steve. Andrea Hanks took our family pictures. Went to the Family History Library. Ate lots of pumpkin bars and homemade butter. Far too many visits to the doctor. A perfect Thanksgiving dinner at Rickenbacker's. The passing of a good friend. The first of many family Christmas parties. Rachel started ski lessons. Kaleigh got cornrows. And we all had a wonderful Christmas. We ended the year with our 3rd Annual New Year's Eve Party.

Time to hurry and get organized for this year.

2011's five-hour planning meeting with Steve takes place this afternoon.


Aneesa Bee said...

what exactly do you and Steve go over at your five hour planning meeting?

Rebecca said...

Love it! Maybe sometime I will create and email you a private version of my year:)

blakeandcourt said...

So fun to remember how you spent your year. Hopefully 2011 is just as good!

emily ballard said...

I only lasted for four hours.

Going through our calendars for the year took up most of the time. We also discussed quite a few things for the restaurants, planned family trips, and identified traditions that we want to continue. . . which prompted the email to your dad requesting a Rook Sunday :)