3rd Annual New Year's Eve Party

It first began because Steve had to work late, so why not have all of the nieces and nephews over for a sleepover? Last year, there were a few more nieces and nephews. . . and a lot more chaos. . .

This year, we were organized. And fully prepared for fifteen kids. . . but then someone had to go to Idaho. And someone else had to go to China. So we partied with ten kids.

It was pretty much awesome for the kids. (Especially for Rachel, who was completely shocked when I agreed to all of her suggestions. Like having codenames for the night.)

My favorite part of the evening was probably the dance party:


And the part where Steve came home just before 10:00 pm. I was so tired and at 11:30 pm, I decided to go upstairs and put Adam to bed. . . and promptly fell asleep. Yep. As in, before midnight.

I missed the writing of New Year's resolutions, but Lucy filled me in the next morning at breakfast.

Lucy: My two New Year's resolutions are to #1 To practice the piano more and #2 To eat healthier.
Me: How many pancakes did you eat last time I made them?
Lucy: Six.
Me: So if you are going to eat healthier, how many do you think you should you eat today?
Lucy: Ummmm. Let's start our New Year's resolutions tomorrow. I think I better stock up today!

Go Lucy. Happy New Year!

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Amanda said...

Holy I love your new header batman. You must teach me your ways.
Anyway, the party looks like it was super fun! You always throw such fun kid parties. I'm going to pick your brain this year. Yes, yes I am. Maybe one night at the gym? :D