Forget the Kitchen Table- Flowers Belong in the Bathroom!

My sister brought me flowers a couple of weeks ago. (Remember, she is my favorite sister.)

After a day or two of continually pulling kids off the kitchen table, reminding them over and over not to touch the petals, I moved the flowers to my bathroom.

I've never had fresh flowers in my bathroom before, and it was perfect.

It turns out that doing hair for all of these girls (mine too, every once in a while) and bathing the little kids in the big tub causes me to spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. . . where I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful roses and (bonus) their reflection too!


Ryanne said...

Good idea, they look so pretty there!

Rebecca said...

That's funny because the other day when I was in your bathroom doing Sydney's hair I saw them and thought how pretty they looked in there and how sweet of Steve to get them for you. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I remembered that I got them for you:)