Grandpa's Game

This was one of the three Christmas projects I actually completed.

I learned how to play Grandpa's Game as a young child, sitting around the kitchen table at 321 East Center. Many years later, as a newlywed, Steve and I played the game with a then-widowed Grandma Milligan, as her mind was taken over by Alzheimer's Disease. She loved to play the familiar game over and over again, and she loved to win.

All you need to do is print out the numbers (2 through 12, no 7) on thick cardstock, buy some dice at the dollar store, and follow these directions:

Set out the cards in ascending order in two rows of five cards with the numbers facing up. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on the top row; 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 on the bottom row.) Roll a pair of dice and turn the corresponding card over. Your turn continues until you roll a seven or re-roll a number that has already been turned over. When you roll a seven, un-turn a number of your choice and the person to your left gets their turn. When you roll a number that has already been turned over, the turn skips to the next person to your left who can use the number. If nobody can use the number, continue your turn and keep rolling. The first person to turn over all of their cards wins.

If you would like me to email you the Excel file with all of the numbers, leave a comment with your email address. Here's a link to the file on Google Drive. . . hopefully it will work. 

Happy playing!


HeidiAnn said...

Thanks Emily and family for this fun game, we have played it several times during the Holidays. Could you send me the excel file I would like to print a few more copies.

Julie Walker said...

love the game. i have a few at my house but haven't played in years. next time i have the kids at my house i'll teach them. thanks for the reminder. hope you are doing well. jw

Rachael said...

We call this game "H.J. and Edna May" at our house. My sister played it with us once and liked it so much she made it for her 1st grade class and she calls it "Crazy Sevens." I prefer our title ;)

Eric and Kelly said...

Hey Em, Can you send the file to me? Maybe you could just make it a Google Doc Spreadsheet and then you can just post what the URL is on your blog. Thanks, we love games!

Min said...

Oh, I love games. I think I need to see it played to fully get it. Please send me the file, I think you have my email.