A Quiet Birthday

Things have been quiet, fairly uneventful, and surprisingly enjoyable around here. Steve is night skiing with the Young Men. Rachel, Lucy, Kaleigh, Derrick, and his girlfriend are all downstairs dancing to Michael Jackson on the Wii. Adam is asleep on the couch next to me.

Rebecca brought by some nice gifts, including my very favorite granola.
Derrick (or probably his girlfriend) got me some beautiful flowers.
Rachel and Lucy cleaned the house for me and even made my bed.
My parents gave me (and Steve) a really cool solar panel to charge all of our electronic devices in the case of an emergency. Or on backpacking trips. Or whenever we feel like tapping into the sun's energy.
We are still enjoying the new television Steve's parents gave us for Christmas and our birthdays.
I finally set up my bike on the bicycle trainer that I picked out for myself.

And in celebration of my 29th birthday, I am going to follow the example of some of my friends and share 29 things about me.

1. I have had the same pair of running shoes for eleven years.

2. I rarely have bad breath because I am an avid tongue scraper. (Not a tongue brusher, a tongue scraper; there is a big difference.)

3. I always planned to serve an LDS mission. As it turns out, I am the only one in my family who didn't. (I really wanted to get called to Australia.)

4. I changed my major in college because I wanted to go to the City of Rocks instead of write a paper.

5. The very first cd I ever owned was the soundtrack to Maverick. I hadn't even seen the movie.

6. When I was a kid, I could do more pull-ups than anyone else in my P.E. class. My record was 10.

7. Jobs I have had include: delivering newspapers (starting when I was 8), mowing lawns (starting when I was 9), Decorative Landscaping and Curbing, cleaner for Casey's Electrolysis and Grey Enterprises, Gale's Office Supply, Subway, Discovery Research Group, USU Ticket Office, Convergys (only lasted one week), DownEast Outfitters, The Skyroom, Callaway's, treadmill tester at ICON Health & Fitness, Living Scriptures, busser at Le Nonne Ristorante, grant writer for Utah Botanical Center, advertising representative for The Utah Statesman, phonebook deliverer, and preschool teacher at Morningside School. I have been unemployed since Adam was born. (I have made some money writing papers, filing taxes for other people, and selling things on eBay.)

8. I wanted to have six kids. I thought they would all be boys.

9. I wish I had better handwriting.

10. One of my biggest faults is buying things on really good sales and thinking I can modify them. Like when I bought a pair of bright pink Dr. Marten's and tried to dye them brown.

11. Sometimes when I lose my temper, I throw things. Today I threw my wallet at Steve.

12. My SEOP in high school was to become a Biomedical Engineer. I really just wanted to be a florist.

13. I like planning trips almost as much as I like actually going on them.

14. I have never been to IKEA, Cabela's or a Whole Foods Store.

15. Church callings I have had: Activities Committee, Enrichment Committee, Enrichment Leader, Enrichment Teacher, Relief Society Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, Primary Teacher, Primary Secretary, Young Women's Counselor, Relief Society Counselor, Financial Counselor, Preparedness Specialist, Home Storage Specialist, and Stake Home Storage Specialist.

16. I wrote poetry for one year.

17. The worst purchase I ever made was the dune buggy named Richard that I bought in college for $100. Steve disagrees and thinks it was a great purchase.

18. I had 26 different roommates and lived in 7 different apartments in the two years of college before I got married.

19. I have never lost an arm wrestling match against Derrick.

20. Things I really like: clean fridges, dehydrating fruit, bicycle rides, freshly laundered sheets, playing ping pong, listening to the sound of rain on a metal roof. (I miss the one we had in Nibley.)

21. I have never watched: Back to the Future, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, or most of the Disney movies. Steve is appalled by this. (If you want to know why I missed out on so many movies, please refer back to Number 7.)

22. I drove to Mexico and visited my brother, Sam, when he was on his mission. During the trip, I might have gotten in one little car chase with the Mexican police.

23. I am the driver in our family. Steve does not like to drive. (He drives when I am sick or sometimes when we are on a date.)

24. When I was in fourth grade, I won a city-wide free throw contest during halftime of a Kansas State University basketball game with six out of ten baskets.

25. I am really good at riding a bicycle with no hands. I am also fairly skilled at driving a car with no hands. (My dad taught me, whether he intended to or not.)

26. I have ridden and eaten an ostrich. (Not the same one.) I have also eaten crocodile, but have not ridden one.

27. Some conveniences I would have a hard time living without: my iPhone, a space heater, chapstick, and high-speed Internet.

28. I have hiked to Bear Lake from Logan three (or four?) times, but not once since I met Steve. (He refuses to go on the hike and says if he's going to hike that far, it will be to something better than Bear Lake.)

29. I still remember the very first password my dad set to get on the internet when I was in 8th grade: qb62hz97.


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list.

3. I didn't know that!
8. Or that. I always wanted 5 or 7 but not 6:)
10. You made me laugh out loud! I am grateful for your shopping skills since I am a beneficiary of them in many ways.
14. Next Friday we could hit all three AND go to the Pleasant Grover theater which I really want to take you to.
19. Holy Cow! Are you kidding? That is impressive.
21. That is totally nuts...well, movie night can be for us too right?
24. I remember that! I was sitting in the audience cheering you on and I was SO PROUD.

You have accomplished SO much in 29 years! I can't wait to see what the next decade will bring:)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! You don't advertise your birthday on Facebook, apparently, so I'm glad you let us know on here so I could wish you a happy one.

Such a fun post. So many fun things that I didn't know. You really are fascinating, and very fun. I remember meeting you at GHA and immediately knowing I wanted to be your friend.

Hope your next year is grand.


Stephanie said...

FUN!!! I loved reading this amazing stuff. You're the coolest. Happy Birthday. Last year in the 20's is pretty fun! I still have 5 months

HeidiAnn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! I can't believe you are so young and have done so much, good for you. Now I remember why I don't remember so much about you, you were one of the "little" cousins. :) Very interesting post and I am impressed. Have a great weekend.

Aneesa Bee said...

That was so fun to read!!! I never knew most of the stuff-although I'm not a bit surprised by #7. I think #29 is the most hilarious. Nice password!!! And WHEN did you eat an ostrich and RIDE one? I'm glad you didn't ride a crocodile.

I had no idea you wanted 6 kids and thought they would all be boys. So far, you haven't offered to switch me places, so you must have changed your mind:) Happy Birthday Emily!

Min said...

Fun to learn things about you. And I hope you had a happy birthday.

The Ballard's said...

Maybe you could do a tutorial on tongue scraping. That would be fun. I don't think that you should have shared that password...
You are hilarious and that was fun to read. For your next birthday you should have your readers come up with 30 things about you. I will start thinking.

@udj said...

I'm a LOSER! I had no idea it was your birthday today. But now you know I am a true friend, and willing to talk for an hour or more without brown nosing that it is your birthday. I'm glad we had a good conversation, and with only about 3 call backs. I admire you greatly, and I will always be in awe at how much you accomplish, know, and help other people. Happy Birthday Emily!

Liz said...

I think I remember TPing your room once for your birthday. I could be wrong. I am having trouble remembering things like that the older I get. Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday. Now you can start counting down to the big 30!

Ryanne said...

Happy birthday! I really like your list. Even though I didn't know any of those things, that's why I like you, because there is so much to you. Even though you should catch up on some of those movies :)

Min said...

Okay, the mental picture will not go away. Tongue scraping? I think that's the grossest thing I've read on your blog so far. And it has to have a negative affect on your taste buds, if you haven't scraped them all off. Ick.

Ramanda said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler, you go and post all those fascinating things and now I think you even more awesome! Happiest of Birthdays to you!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday. Late.
Wade went to Australia on his mission. We visited when we first got married. I would like to go back someday.