Another Birthday

In honor of Steve's birthday today, I thought I would post a picture of his favorite quote. He actually gave the framed quote to me as a gift when we first got married, but it sits on his nightstand. (He's better at following it anyway.)

We went and bought him his favorite treat: Peanut M&Ms. And maybe I'll show him a picture of the waterproof iphone case I ordered for him two months ago that's still on backorder.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter. It's impossible to compete with the almost-brand-new, fancy-schmancy skis he got for his birthday from the chef. Now he just needs to hurry and get over his pneumonia so he can go use them.

And good news, everyone, that officially concludes birthday season in the Ballard House.


Rebecca said...

Happy Late Birthday to Steve!

Mommy Named Meg said...

Happy Birthday to Steve! I hope he gets feeling better soon.