Baptism Day and Finishing the Part that Made Me Cry

Saturday was baptism day for Rachel. She looked so beautiful in her white baptism dress and couldn't stop smiling. Thanks so much to the family and friends who came and made her day extra special.

After Rachel's confirmation, I was asked to say a few things about her. I started out by remembering the blessing Rachel was given as a baby. Steve blessed her that she would bring joy to the lives of those around her. She certainly has. I looked around the room at everyone who was there and thought how each of them have brought so much joy to Rachel's life (and mine too).

I started going through and naming people specifically, but had to stop because it was making me too emotional. I thought I would continue here.

Jed, thanks for being such a great neighbor. Rachel loved visiting with you and helping you pull weeds and rake leaves. She loved playing in your house and still loves to tell people that you can see Antelope Island from the top window. I love that my kids have friends like you.

Grandma Jean & Grandpa Ron, thanks for everything. Rachel loves sleepovers at your house Nothing beats cooking steak and s'mores and having a sleepover in the dome.

Brother & Sister Olsen, thanks for being the best missionaries ever. The countless treats, the handwritten letters, and sticking out your tongue at the kids make us all feel so loved. How lucky we are to know you.

Sam, thanks for being such a great uncle. If I would have thought of it at the baptism, I would have told the story of Rachel calling you when you lived in Portland to talk to "her" dog. And how you would carry on a whole conversation with her, regardless of where you were, barking like Molly. (Talking about that probably would have kept me from crying.)

Grandma Gloria & Grandpa Richard, thanks for making us all feel so special. Rachel loves birthday shopping with Grandma, Ballard Family Sundays, and all of your other fun traditions.

Evelyn, thanks for being the best piano teacher ever. Rachel loves going to piano. . . a whole lot more than she actually likes playing the piano. . . because she loves you so much. (And thanks for not making me feel bad when we miss a whole week of practicing.)

Rebecca, thanks for being such a generous aunt. I wish so badly that I would have caught Rachel opening your birthday gift on video. As soon as she finally figured out what it was, "I'm so happy, I could cry!" She is going to have so much fun at the Jazz game with you!

Paul, you will always hold a special place in Rachel's heart. She sure loves you. I was looking through old photos a while back and realized I have more pictures of you holding Rachel as a baby than I do of me.

David, we sure lucked out when you moved down the street. Rachel treasures her memories of Pam and is so happy to have you as a friend. She absolutely loves visiting you and can't wait to go on bike rides again this summer.

Mike Ballard Family, each of you are such a big part of Rachel's life. I don't think she would have survived our move to Ogden without you. And Angie, thanks for teaching me to me a better mom.

Brother & Sister Bakker, thanks for being the best Primary teachers ever. Rachel yelled and cheered and danced around the house all night long after learning that she got to be in your class.

Loosli Family, we are so excited to have you as neighbors. I really wish I could have captured the look on Rachel's face the first day she came back over to your house to play with Eliza. Rachel loves having a friend so close!

Karen, thanks for being such a great aunt. Rachel still talks about all of the "Special Days with Karen" you used to take her on. And, in case you are wondering, she has kept every single trinket you've ever given her. We sure are going to miss you.

Debra, thanks for always being such a great friend. You are always the first to call and ask how we are doing, the first to offer to help with kids, and the first to offer to bring dinner. You really are a true friend. And Steve says to add that you still hold the title of best chocolate chip cookie baker.

Rachael Bennett, thanks for being the best babysitter ever. Rachel misses you so much. . . and I miss you even more!

P. S. Since some of you have baptisms coming up in your families, a few things worth mentioning:
1. I remembered the white underwear, the towel, the hairdryer, and even a slip. The one thing I hadn't even thought of bringing was a plastic bag to put all of the wet clothes in.
2. Also, if you will be involved in a stake baptism, don't leave anything in the font bathroom area. After the baptism, they will probably move your group to another room for the confirmation. We finished with her confirmation, but then I was stuck waiting for the last ward, still in the baptismal rom, to get our things out.
3. Be prepared to say something about your child! I wish I would have had more time to think about what I was going to say.

P. S. S. Thanks, Steve, for being the best husband ever and hosting such a wonderful dinner at Rickenbacker's.


Kacie said...

I wish I could have been there : ( I forgot all about the dog barking stuff. That was pretty hilarious.

mmadams said...

Emmaline was baptized the very same day!

Lori said...

yay! congrats rachel!

Min said...

Congratulations to Rachel. I wish I had know so I could have attended.

The Ballard's said...

What a great day. Thanks for having us. We are so very lucky to have you so close. Thank you for teaching me to be a better mom.