A Few Things of My Own

I enjoy reading Design Mom's Friday posts of A Few Things (and I love that she's incorporating a little bit of France in there too.) I don't write for Babble or have lots of cool links, but today I'd like to share a few things of my own.

I am really excited for the three-day weekend. President's Day Weekend overlapped with Valentine's Day last year, and I felt like we got gypped out of a holiday. With all of the sicknesses going around at school, I hope the extra day off gives everyone a chance to get better. (Too bad we can't all take a holiday from church too.)

Speaking of sicknesses. . . it's cool when you receive notification that you have already met your Out of Pocket Maximum through your insurance for the year. . . and it's only February.

Our friend, Jed, gave my kids little doll figurines that resemble each of them for Valentine's Day. Kaleigh's is the best and makes me smile every time I see it:

The way Adam positions his cowboy in his cowboy boots on top of his dresser makes me smile too:

I can't wait to go to the Midway Ice Castles tomorrow night. Hoping Mother Nature will be kind and provide us a little break from the snow that has been forecasted.

If you're looking for something else fun to do this weekend, the Hutchings Museum of Natural History in Lehi is hosting a Night at the Museum through February 19. Animals, historical characters, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex come alive and roam free around the museum.

Six days later, and my iPhone is still unresponsive. If you call or text me, please identify yourself because I am using Steve's old cracked phone and haven't transferred all of my contacts over yet. (Still hopeful that the rice trick will work.) Amazed that this poor, battered phone still works:

It's been just over a year since I discovered this neat flowchart on my friend's blog. It recently became available to purchase again. I just got mine and can't wait to frame it and hang it up in my office. (Please note that I did not call it the office/laundry room/junk room because I am determined to clean it up this weekend. Volunteers are welcome to come help.)

And that's all. (Sorry folks, no kisses from me.)


Kacie said...

The cowboy in the boots is killing me....

And I still call my office an "office" too....I am hoping someday I will clean it up....someday....

Min said...

What KIND of cleaning does your "office" require? Because if it involves organizing or filing, I'm so there.

Min said...

Oh, and aren't those Ballard Kids action figures awesome! Jed is the Best. Stick them in your bag and they can keep you company when you go for surgery.

Rebecca said...

I will come help you. I'm pretty sure I owe you one, or possibly 100. Plus I can pick your brain about some important issues at the same time. So actually, it's for selfish reasons.

The cowboy in the boots is killing me too!

Jenny said...

You can buy a new screen for your iphone on ebay for like ten bucks. Wade's had a tiny little scratch and he swapped it out in ten minutes. Don't ask me how, but you're handy, I'm sure you could figure it out.

Ryanne said...

This little dolls are adorable! And maybe you can be 'out of town' this weekend so you can all have a day off from church and get a chance to get better ;) Just a personal health day, right?