I Lost

But at least I didn't quit.

I am pretty good at quitting things. I quit the high school basketball team when I got tired of my coach yelling at my friend. I quit working at Callaway's on Halloween night so I could go cover for Paul at his job at Le Nonne. I quit Organic Chemistry (and changed my major) because I didn't want to have to think so hard. And apparently, I quit cleaning my house a few months ago.

I just finished participating in a six-week healthy eating/exercise competition called Fit in Six. I wanted to quit dozens of times. (Yes, dozens. . . which translates to just about every day.) But Lucy was playing along with me and I didn't want to set a bad example for her. And I decided it's time to quit being such a quitter.

Aspects of the program were very good and beneficial to me with my current stomach problems. But there were other parts that didn't work out too well with my nightly stomach aches, getting an angiogram, etc. Two bad colds and three birthdays in our family didn't help either. Exercising/eating according to the program wasn't always my top priority. . . but I still felt guilty.

Fit in Six was too strict of a program for me to adopt as a permanent lifestyle. (Mostly because of my addiction to/overexposure to candy, chips and salsa from Sonora Grill, and all of the treats people keep bringing us.) But we made major changes in our family within the first week of the program.

We threw out leftover Halloween candy and replaced food in our pantry with healthier, sugar-free versions (syrup, pudding, jam, Crystal Light, etc.) We finally quit buying white bread. We switched to whole grain pasta, one percent milk, and fat free salad dressing. We experimented with vegan hotdogs, bacon, and ground round. We pureed fruits and vegetables and added them to other foods. We sprouted beans and made hard, crunchy "fruit chips" to replace potato chips. I went to the gym more in January than I did in all of 2010. And we bought a bicycle trainer, hand weights, and some resistance bands to exercise at home.

Lucy and I set goals and achieved them together. So even though I lost the prize money, I think we won.

(I'm going to go reward myself. With chocolate peanut butter bars for breakfast.)


Stephanie said...

This reminds me of my love of watching Biggest loser while I sit on my couch and eat all the things they're forbidden to eat. Or when I say I'd like to lose weight and go for another popsicle:) I think kids are the best way to get goals accomplished. They never forget and don't WANT to fail!

Min said...

Wait. You threw away your Halloween candy? I'm begging people for old candy for an art project. I wish I had known. Darn! In future, remember me. Candy and stamps, that's what I seek.

Joanie said...

I love this! I was invited to a fitness challenge as well but decided I couldn't do it because it wanted me to eat 5 healthy meals a day and with a new baby and kids I just couldn't cook that much. Maybe that's a cop-out. But I do go to the gym a ton, and I am in the process of switching all of our grains to whole grains as well(tonight is brown rice, which takes a lot longer to cook than white I'm finding out). I think these kinds of changes really do make you feel better in the long run. Good for you! And awesome example for Lucy.

Side note- have you heard of those watches that track your amount of daily activity and you earn points towards stores? I just ordered some and I'm hoping they are as neat as they look.

Lori said...

you did AWESOME emily. seriously. major high fives.