A Long Story About Some of My Favorite Things and WIN A FREE MATTRESS

Last night, I started to write a quick post about how you should all go to this cool blog and enter the giveaway to win my favorite pillow and my favorite mattress protector (which are both made by my favorite older brother, Sam.)

But then I realized I am way too passionate about these items and ought to share the whole story. . . which I think actually begins clear back in the fall of 2002. This was back in the days when DownEast was just a clothing store. But every once in a while, they would host a "warehouse sale" in a vacant building where you could score some sweet deals on clothes and all sorts of other random items. Like fancy oil and vinegar sets.

The sale was being held in the dimly lit floor beneath the old Tony Roma's on Main Street. Sam talked it up with one of the workers and found out that they were going to be getting in a shipment of high-end mattresses. More specifically, Stearns & Foster mattresses that retailed for thousands of dollars. Sam skipped class and pretty much everything else while he camped out at the sale until the mattresses finally arrived. He quickly got one for himself, one for a friend, and somehow Kacie's roommate snagged the queen mattress we were waiting for. (Yes, Kacie, I was bothered!) Another king mattress came in and Sam told us we couldn't possibly pass up this deal for only $75, even though that also meant we would have to shell out more money for a new set of larger sheets.

We were poor college students, preparing for the arrival of our first baby. But Sam is pretty good at convincing people to do things, so Steve and I went home with a king-sized Stearns & Foster double pillow-top mattress, that retailed for two or three thousand dollars. I spent twenty minutes scrubbing a 12-inch black streak on the side, and it was as good as new. We happily passed on our channeled waterbed. . . yes, we had a waterbed! And I went to Kmart and bought a new set of Martha Stewart king-sized sheets for $40.

I'd like to think it was those Stearns & Foster mattresses that sparked Sam and Kacie's interest in bedding, but I don't really know. Mostly because they kept their business a secret for such a long time. They were newlyweds and kept to themselves for a little while, but then it got ridiculous. Sam was always "busy". We knew what it was like to be busy; Steve was taking 18 credits, teaching seminary, working two jobs, and had a brand new baby. But Sam was turning down invitations left and right because he was "too busy".

Little did we know that Sam and Kacie were running a fairly large-scale business out of their apartment. They lined their walls with huge metal shelves from Sam's Club and learned the ins and outs of shipping. As sheets took over their life, they moved their bed from the large bedroom into the small bedroom in the back. Meanwhile, we had no idea what they were up to. Or why Kacie refused to let us use the computer in their bedroom and insisted on printing things out for us.

They finally let us in on their secret, and a year or two later, they came out with their own line of Malouf sheets. Ever since then, we have been spoiled in the bedding department. Steve and I talk about it almost every night as we climb into our nice bed with our soft egyptian cotton sheets and lay our heads down on our amazing pillows. We are lucky!

They added mattress protectors to their product line just as we were adding more kids to our family. If you have kids (or even if you don't) mattress protectors are a NECESSITY! Spilled a drink? No big deal. Had a little accident? No worries. I seriously can't imagine what we would do without mattress protectors. Actually, it's kind of gross to think about it. A couple of years ago during a photo shoot, they had Lucy jump on a bed with a cup of water. By the time the photographer took all of his pictures, there were probably 2 quarts of water on that bed, and of course, the mattress stayed perfectly dry.

I've never been one to care too much about pillows, but last year, when they came out with Malouf pillows, seen here, here, here, and here, I fell in love. (And so did my kids. . . they kept stealing our Malouf pillows, so we finally obliged and got them each their own.) When I went to the hospital for my pre-op appointment the other day, the nurse told me to bring as few belongings as possible. But I will be bringing my pillow.

This year, Sam & Kacie introduced bed frames that happen to be tall enough to actually store things underneath your bed. . . absolutely brilliant! And I think back to all of the times I have bought bed frames from the store. It's always been such a big production. . . pushing them around in the cart with the kids, lugging them to the car, and then trying to fit them in with all of the kids. It's pretty convenient to order them on amazon and have them shipped right to your house!

Their mattresses just came out last month. Lucy's new mattress arrived last week and she is pretty much in love with it. She took a nap (at 5:00 pm) immediately after it came in the mail "just to try it out". And last night, she went to bed at 7:00 pm. Now, I'm not saying Sam's mattresses will make all of your kids sleep better, but apparently, it's working for Lucy. (With that in mind, I ought to hurry and order one for Adam!)

So there's the scoop. Enter the giveaway. Order some mattress protectors. Get a new pillow. And get some good sleep!

BONUS, BONUS, BONUS: My brother, Sam, just told me that they would like to sponsor a contest to come up with a new name for their line of mattresses. The name needs to fit in with their other brands: Malouf Fine Linens, Sleep Tite, Z by Malouf, and Structure. Leave a comment with your idea here. Winning submission gets a FREE MATTRESS!


Molly said...

Hmm... can I leave a few ideas? :)

DoZe by Malouf
Sandman by Malouf

crossin ma fingers....

emily ballard said...

Nice, Molly, And yes, you can submit as many ideas as you have. My official submissions are:

SLEEP by Malouf

Oasis by Malouf

Rebecca said...

Amen to all of that.

I just got a full sized mattress for Talmage and I love it so much sometimes I sleep in his room.

He also has the bed frame which is also great because I didn't have to buy a box spring.

I LOVE my pillow and will NEVER go back. I sleep way better now.

The mattress protectors I can't say enough good about...truly a lifesaver with toddlers and also keeps the bed bugs or even the thought of bedbugs away.

And finally the sheets. Always wonderful.

James and Jade Bethers said...

Paradise by malouf

Malouf Dreamzzzz

Magic of malouf

There's my 2 bits maybe I will get lucky!!!

James and Jade Bethers said...

Sleep magic

Wonderland by malouf

Here's a couple more

Kristin Wilkerson Photography said...

I didn't know they were selling mattresses this feels like china all over again. I'll be thinking and be back soon with my entries.

Kristin said...

I didn't know I was logged in as that.., ok I choose Sopor by Malouf which is a synonym for sleep or tranquility by Malouf but I reserve my right to enter more

Kristin said...

Sandman, doze, siesta, slumber, and leisure.

Sean and Kari said...

Felicity Mattresses by Malouf.

Felicity is defined as "the state of being happy, especially in a high degree." So if the mattress is as good as advertised then I think this fits.

Kassi Luck said...

I am sure I will think of some others but here is my first.
One of the definitions of the word divine is surpassing excellence. If these mattresses are like the other malouf products then i am sure they surpass excellence.

DIVINE by Malouf
AWE by Malouf
FRENZY by Malouf

Jed said...


Happy Place

Bridgett said...

Sleep Sure
Best Rest
Sleep Master
Ever Rest

i'm h.mac said...

mat by malouf
modern matrees - malouf

scott's entry (of course back friendly)

back ease - malouf

i'm h.mac said...

i meant modern mattress - my keyboard is posessed.

byoung said...

how about




good luck this week em!

Eric and Kelly said...

Dream by Malouf
Fantasy by Malouf
Sound-A-Sleep by Malouf
Plush by Malouf
Heaven by Malouf /Heavenly Sleep
Celestial Mattresses by Malouf
LaLa Mattresses (sleep in xlosa :))

Ok in know this is a ton so disqualify me if it's too many. I was just having fun coming up with them! :)

emily ballard said...

No such thing as too many entries. If you've already commented and think of more, feel free to share again!

Kelly said...

Sanctuary by Malouf
R&R (Rest & Relaxation) by Malouf
Tranquil Refuge

Can you see how I feel about my bed? haha

(linked from Kaycie's blog)

Melissa said...


Min said...

Ok, first of all that top picture of Lucy is ADORABLE.
And when did you have another child - a blonde one?
I really can't believe a photographer would want your child to jump on the bed WITH A CUP OF WATER. What are they thinking?! Yeah good thing you have a good mattress protector. Wow.
Oh, I love sheets - cold ones (which are very hard to find).
And I love pillows - feather ones (I currently have 7, on my bed as we speak . . .er type).
I'm very protective of my pillows. I'd be willing to share my toothbrush long before I'd share my pillow. I take my pillow everywhere too. When I fly, it is tucked into my suitcase. And if you are wondering why I don't just carry it on the plane . . . well, I usually AM carrying a pillow on the plane - never hurts to take two.
If I had to pick a name for a mattress, it would be Allure, but only if the mattress really was alluring, which they usually are because sleep is pretty much the best thing ever . . . unless there's no feather pillows.

Julie Walker said...

Zerenity by Malouf as in Serenity.

Indulgence or indulgenZe by Malouf.

Mattress by Malouf you could throw a z in there somewhere for fun.

I'd move away from tite cause it makes me think of mites.

I'm not very creative but come on....a girl needs a good place to sleep.