Lucky Girl

My favorite sister, Rebecca, took Rachel to the Jazz game on Friday night. (Best birthday present ever). They watched the game from a fancy box suite. Rachel took pictures of everything, including the toilet in the bathroom.

Apparently, she spent most of the night filming the game on her ipod. (Thirty-six separate videos.) Rebecca told me Rachel was determined to tape the game, in its entirety, for Steve. We cut our cable a week or two ago and Rachel wanted to make sure he didn't miss another game.

Not having cable/DVR is actually a funny story. It's been pretty humorous listening to our kids learn to adjust to live television. "Why can't I pause the show?" "These commercials take forever!" "Where did all my shows go?"

But back to the Jazz game. . . President Monson was spotted two boxes over and when he got up to leave, Rebecca grabbed Rachel and hurried to walk out of their suite too. They opened the door just as he and his bodyguards were walking by. (Three feet away from them!!!) He turned and gave the two of them a big smile and a wave.


Kyle Hess said...

No Fair your 8 yr old made into a box suite before me!! It took me like 25 years just to make it to the lower bowl! So are you guys rolling with an antenna on the roof? It's the only way to go, besides if you ever want to watch the games they are almost always streaming free on the internet (plus just about every other show).

The Ballard's said...

I love that she tried to record the game for Steve. What a fun night.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad I brought Rachel as my date:) That was what made it fun. I actually thought the bathroom was cool too for the record:) That and the big supply of jelly belly's. Box seats are definitely the way to go to watch a game. I still haven't gotten the follow-up sales call from our sponsor, but I'm sure it's coming and totally worth it although my favorite part was seeing President Monson and not the actual game.