Midway Ice Castles

After two previous attempts, (derailed by sick kids and snowy weather) we finally went to the Midway Ice Castles for Craft Day. It is pretty amazing. We had the place mostly to ourselves, except for two brides getting their pictures taken. You have to stay right with your kids, especially little boys, like Adam, who wanted to break all of the icicles.

Lucy was posing for a picture when a big icicle fell down and hit her in the head and on her shoulder. (Of course that would happen to Lucy.) She cried for a bit, and has a bruise on her shoulder, but she can add it to her collection of obscure accidents/injuries. (Remember when she fell in Jenny Lake?)

We arrived in Midway around 5:00 pm, walked through the ice castles during the daylight, went and ate dinner, and then walked through again to see them with the lights on. Fun little outing. (My last, for a while. . . )


Kyle Hess said...

What a fun adventure:)! Such cute pictures. That would hurt having a huge old ice cycle fall on your noggin.


Ryanne said...

That looks so beautiful! One day we'll have to make a trip. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

Rebecca said...

WOW! Those are amazing!