The Husband

When my surgery was first switched to Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake, I told Steve that might be better because then he would be away from the restaurants and might actually stay with me at the hospital. He assured me he was going to stay the whole time, regardless of where we were. (Adding that he would never live it down if he didn't.) I didn't really believe him.

Based on everything he has done for me over the last month, I will never live down doubting him.

As mentioned in a previous post, the second night I was in the ICU, Steve stayed up till 3:00 am, pushing the medicine release button every ten minutes for me. . . and then slept in his car to stay close. That was just the beginning. I am pretty sure I was the only one on the whole cardiac unit with someone who stayed every night in their room with them. Steve learned, not only how to empty my foley catheter so I didn't have to wait for a nurse to come help me, but also how to unhook all of my cords so he could help me up to go to the bathroom. He patiently walked the halls with me, encouraging me with every step (even at 3:00 am). He did such a good job that after a few days, Oscar, the really-nice-but-probably-thought-I-didn't-like-him physical therapist turned my physical therapy over to Steve. And jokingly asked if he could assign him a few other patients as well. Steve listened to the doctors attentively and was such a good protective husband, quickly notifying the nurses when there were problems.

I still remember one of the anesthesiologist nurses. She cocked her head at us and remarked, "You must be newlyweds." Steve told her our ten-year anniversary was coming up this year. "Wow," she looked right at me. "You hang onto that." (In case you were wondering, I plan to.)

Being at the hospital was the easy part for him. Back then, he still had time to play Angry Birds.

Since coming home, Steve has continued to be my nurse, my physical therapist, and my cheerleader. He also became my personal cook, preparing countless trays of food for me like this:

His duties became increasingly more challenging as the kids transitioned home.

He has dressed the kids, fed them breakfast, packed lunches, driven them to school and Grandma's house, gone to work, then picked all of the kids back up and brought them home for dinner, homework, baths, and scriptures. Somehow, he has mostly kept up with the dishes, the laundry, shopped for groceries, and filled in for me with all sorts of other responsibilities.

My empathetic husband knows all to well what a recovery from a surgery like this is like. (His abdominal incision from his lymph node removal from when he had cancer is a good two inches longer than mine.) My good husband has taken such good care of me.

Poor guy deserves a few more naps. And a vacation.


Stephanie said...

Powerful! Way to go, Steve. You've set a pretty high standard for the other husband's that may have to stand by their wives when they are out of commission! I want to hear how YOU are feeling.

Rebecca said...

So sweet<3

J&Jchambers said...

that is a good husband. And i am glad you seem to be doing better. Audrey has kept me up-dated about how things were going:) If you still need any help with your kids, let us know! Or anything. Continue to get well.

Karen said...

Steven is amazing. He has good breeding. ;)

Callisters said...

Oh man I can't even imagine everything you guys have gone through. Isn't it amazing that you can actually live through those things?!! I had no idea Steve had cancer, when was that?

Julee said...

What a sweet post!

The Clawson"s said...

Hey Emily the baptism is at 10 am tomorrow, and most of my fam isn't coming. We're sistas in the gospel right- so your welcome to come to all my family gatherings:) I hope you're doing well and tell Steve he's the best!! Way to go!

emily ballard said...

Steve had cancer back when he was on his mission. He came home from Brazil for six months and then went back out to Ohio.

Hess said...

There is something so sweet about a husband protecting his wife, your a lucky girl! I love that the nurse thought you were newlyweds, what a great complement. You should have responded that you're actually grandparents:)! I pretend sick sometimes so Kyle will take care of me. You know that voice they have when they talk to you when you are feeling sick?! I like it.

PS. Yes that is a toothbrush in our shower. Doesn't everybody brush their teeth when they shower?? It's the best place to brush. You don't get little white specks on your mirror, easy to wash your mouth out, you don't find little white drips on your clothes half way through the day. I tongue scrap in the shower to;).

AngelaW said...

I asked Tyler if he had read your blog. He got really quiet and said it made him feel like a jerk. He has been having guilty moments lately. Give Steve a hug and tell him his big sister is proud of him. Glad you are feeling better. I hope it continues to get better and better!