My Favorite Four-Year-Old

After two weeks of celebrating Adam's birthday, he finally turned four on Thursday. I am glad we started his birthday celebrations early since this last week didn't work out too well.

His first birthday party took place at Sam & Kacie's house. They ordered pizza, wrapped up a gift, and called it a party. He was one happy little boy.

Then we went to Ballard Family Sunday and celebrated there with hamburgers on the grill, baseball cupcakes, and more presents. He got baseball things (including a "baseball-hitter-offer-thing") and books. All of the other kids went outside and played baseball, but he sat on the couch, interested only in playing Angry Birds.

Rebecca came and hung up his ADAM letters before they got further damaged. And then she took these great pictures to document his upcoming birthday.

Cards in the mail, more gifts from family members, and being the leader at preschool have kept a smile on this boy's face for two weeks straight.

And this picture is keeping a smile on my face:


Ryanne said...

I can't believe how big Adam is! And what adoring sisters he has, very cute picture. You guys have had so much going on! I hope you continue to heal from your surgery. Maybe you all will need a vacation from Disney ;) And yes, we did a lot there but we didn't have a lot of lounging around at the pool or beach time. We tried to squeeze in every single thing everyone wanted to see and do. I know your kiddos would love it someday but you can do Disneyland for a LOT cheaper.

Mrs B said...

What cute kids you have. How are you all holding up? And where did your sister get those awesome letters??