Our Week

Monday: Steve called saying that he just got the official decision from the Kemps and he was closing Rickenbacker's. That night. I went out with Steve's parents and the four of us sat down to eat our last dinner. It was sad (but needed to happen. . . they had been loosing exorbitant amounts of money since they opened their doors four years ago.) Steve had to let go 31 employees. He got about an hour of sleep.

Tuesday: Steve spent the day calling all of the people with reservations for dinners, banquets, and weddings to inform them that Rickenbacker's was closed. Not fun, but was able to switch many of them over to Sonora Grill. I went to a PTA meeting and then to pick up kids from neighbors. As soon as Rachel got in the car, she started bawling, saying she hurt her arm. Tried to determine if she was being overly emotional or if she really needed medical attention. Dropped the kids off at Richard & Gloria's house and took her to the urgent care center. X-rays came back and showed a broken arm. You can read more about it here.

Wednesday: Called surgeon's office with complaints of painful, tender area on incision. Thought it might be an infection. Went in to have it looked at by physician assistant (surgeon out of town). She told me to put Neosporin on it, take some (more) ibuprophen, and start an antibiotic the next day. Steve came home from work throwing up from a terrible migraine. Derrick took over with the kids and Steve and I both went to bed. By nighttime, my painful area had grown and it hurt to walk. And breathe. I went to the ER.

Thursday: I was released from the emergency room at 3:00 am. No infection, no bleeding, no problems with the arteries. CT scan showed that I tore through some of the muscle tissue that wasn't completely healed. Painful area is my intestines trying to push through. . . an "almost incisional hernia". Wrapped me up tight with a super wide ace bandage and sent me home to rest. Little kids out to Richard & Gloria's (again). Steve back on duty taking care of everything else (again). Debra kindly made us dinner (again). I spent the day in bed.

Friday: Steve took Lucy to school, the little kids to Richard & Gloria's, and Rachel to get her cast. I was back to sitting with a heating pad on my stomach and taking lots of pills to control the pain. Called physician assistant back and she faxed prescription for abdominal binder and scheduled appointment with co-surgeon for Tuesday. Rebecca went to Costco and picked things up for us for the second time of the week. (I am very lucky to have my own personal grocery shopper.) And then she came over to watch the kids while Steve went to work.

Saturday: Security alarm went off at 3:00 am. Steve popped out of bed and ran down to turn it off. Then hurried to check on kids, tripping on all of the toys on the stairs. Kids were all fast asleep. Rachel had set off alarm by hitting her cast against the window. All four kids to Ron and Jean's for the day. Then Rachel and Lucy to Rebecca's house, Adam to Angie's house, and Kaleigh with Derrick. Steve cleaned my office. (Hooray!) I finished taxes. Still in lots of pain and abdomen slightly bulging out. No significant improvement.

And that was our week.


Karen said...

I hate not being there to help. I guess I wasn't much help the first time. :(

Aneesa Bee said...

Emily, I'm glad you are surrounded by caring, loving family and friends. I just sit here and think--I should do something--but not sure what. WOW. Nice week. Things just keep getting better, near as I can tell! Try to get some rest!!!

Ryanne said...

Holy Moley! Is your recovery going better now? Good luck to all of you. It always seems like everything always hits us at once too, those 'great' moments of incredible adversity.

i'm h.mac said...

something about the raining and pouring at your house. so sorry.

food, do you need more food? seriously.

@udj said...

sheesh, too eventful at your house. i was just going to call you and see how things were going, but thought i'd check here first. i don't know what to say. "this too shall pass," how's that :) i love ya em.