People Are Nice

Sister of sister-in-law bringing dinner. Lots of other kind souls bringing dinners. Eighty-five-year-old Relief Society President coming over to vacuum stairs and mop my kitchen floor. Pretty flowers. Neighbors giving rides to my kids from school, to piano, to dance, to activity days. Steve's employees (and their mothers) praying for me. Nine-year-old nephew fasting for me. Good books and magazines. Thoughtful hand-sewn hearts for my kids to keep close when I am not. Friends from afar sending cleaning ladies. Basket full of yummy drinks. And a pink eraser. Monday runs to Costco. Jamba Juice gift card and a good friend to provide delivery service. Chocolate covered strawberries. Incredibly busy sister-in-law offering to drop everything to come to Utah to help for week. Loaves of bread. Grandmas and grandpas and aunts and friends taking care of the kids. Friend mailing me the beautiful picture seen above saying I need something pretty to look at while I recover. The list goes on and on.

I have learned much from your examples. I have learned how to better serve by being served.

Thank you.


AmyJo said...

Oh my goodness! I was just getting caught up on your blog, you have had an eventful last 2 months! I hope you can recover quickly and feel better soon!

Rebecca said...


Love the picture of the Logan Temple. It looks like it could have been taken from my old apartment up on Darwin Avenue.

Sometimes it has been so hard for me to let other people serve me. It's definitely a good lesson on many fronts to be in the position of receiving service. You have served others so much! You are amazing! Keep getting better!!!

Ryanne said...

What a beautiful post. It is really touching to read how everyone loves you so much and are really helping you. I can tell you a funny blog if you're ever bored enough and need a good laugh. Go to 'Julia' on my blog list. She's awesome.