Another Update

On Monday afternoon, I had an appointment with Dr. Steppacher. It was his first time seeing me since my second surgery. He shook his head and said he just knew that stitch was going to pop through and wished he would have been here to prevent the infection. (Although it was very obvious that he enjoyed his trip to Ireland.) And then he added that the only reason something had to go wrong was because there were fifteen different medical professionals at the hospital asking about my recovery. (Thanks for looking out for me, everyone.)

I love that Rebecca took me to my appointment and quickly snapped this photo of Dr. Steppacher. (She had her camera with her because she was sorting through the beautiful pictures she had taken that morning in the orchard.) And I love that Rebecca got to see how funny Dr. Steppacher is. I laughed hard enough to make my stomach hurt at least three times. Has your doctor ever sent you away from your appointment with a sub from Jimmy John's? (Mine has.)

The incision looked remarkably better than it had on Friday and I was able to take the wound vac off. It is much less painful without the vac, and it is so nice to be able to walk around without the machine and the tube pulling on me. The incision is now covered with a silver-lined antimicrobial dressing. They are pricey, so we hope it heals up quickly.

I have decreased my pain medication and am less tired, less nauseous, and feel like I am starting to see some real improvement. I am up and around quite a bit, (even driving!) but I still have to be pretty gentle and am having a difficult time sleeping at night. The bad news from the appointment was that I will continue to have lifting restrictions (nothing over ten pounds) until July. Which seems like an eternity away. But since I cannot imagine starting over a third time, I will follow the rules as best I can.

The wonderful news is that my digestive problems have been completely resolved. I have done a thorough job of experimenting with problematic foods and have yet to experience one stomach attack. I went to Sonora Grill yesterday and quickly ate every single bite of a chile relleno. (They are SO good!) Steve and I are both still a little shocked when I don't get sick. (Prior to my surgery, one or two bites of a chile relleno was enough to put me out of commission for the night.)

This, hopefully, concludes my posts about surgeries and recovery. I'm ready to move on to things of a more pleasant nature!


Jenny said...

Hope you continue to get better and at least you'll have a gnarly scar to show your posterity.

Ryanne said...

Just make sure you take it easy this summer! Its the perfect excuse for a lazy summer (even though I'm sure you're getting tired of reading and tv by now). How many mom's get to take a break from the usually crazy business that summer brings?

J&Jchambers said...

Yeah! That is such good news. It has been fun seeing your cute kids at church. Kaliegh (?spelling) gave me a hug in nursery, she is so cute. Let me know if i can help in anyway.

Holly said...

I ran into Steve at Sonora yesterday and he gave me a little update. I'm glad you are doing better cause man.... What a rough recovery you have had!

HeidiAnn said...

glad to hear things are getting better