Jason is Cool

My friend, Jason Dilworth, is undisputedly cool. I have some great memories with him.

Canoeing at Red Fleet.
And down the irrigation canals.
Picking up hitchhikers.
Biking in Glacier National Park.
Winning forty bucks on nickel keno.

His life is still full of cool trips and projects. In a couple of weeks, he is going to Alabama, where he will build a bike out of bamboo and ride it across the country.

I am jealous for a myriad of reasons.

You can donate to their efforts to advance the growth of Alabama's bamboo industry here. Or you can go here and let your donation determine whether Jason will sport a mustache or no mustache on his ride to California.

I voted mustache. (Of course.)


Bridgett said...

Jason is also one of the coolest people I know. Some of my favorite high school memories were spent with him. I've been jealous of his adventures for years. He is a really good person with such an interesting perspective on life and art so I hope people support his uniqueness.
I voted for no mustache. I just think he looks better without one.

Josh M said...

Yes, I agree. Jason is one of the coolest people I know. Here's my list of shared adventures:
- Desolation
- UFOs
- A cowboy is a ...
- Road signs
- Being in Jones Hole, most importantly.
Also, I vote no mustache. Not because it isn't awesome, but I wouldn't subject anyone to wearing that. Here's to a safe trail, Jason.

Ramanda said...

How fascinating! HE is fascinating! I always admire people with artstic ability. I have admired Jason for years.