Lucy's Dream Come True

Lucy started taking dance with a couple of the neighbor girls back in February.

It was "her dream come true".

Steve and I weren't too excited about entering the world of dance. And dance recitals. And dance costumes. And everything else.

Lucy's dance class through the Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program was different. We were pleasantly surprised.

Today was Lucy's birthday. And her first dance recital. Could it get any better?

The dance they performed was cute; I wish I would have gotten it on video. I couldn't stop smiling. It was so fun to watch Lucy up on stage, having so much fun dancing with her friends.

Such a neat place for a dance recital!

Talmage was good and happy until the usher asked me to turn off my cell phone. (He was playing Angry Birds, and the usher said the light was too bright.) Rebecca took him outside for a little break.

So I got to sit next to this funny girl. Who hollered out loudly as she clapped after each dance. She thought everything was "so awesome".

This great picture shows Rachel with her three best friends.

And Rachel, the girl who laughed and jeered during Lucy's first dance class, has decided she would like to take dance next year.

Happy Birthday to Lucy. She declared today "The Best Day Ever".
But we've heard that before.
Actually, lots of times.

I wish Lucy could have stayed three years old forever, but I am so lucky to have such a sweet peacemaker in our home.


Julee said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Aneesa Bee said...

I am a fan of Lucy's costume!!! It is very cute, modest, and tasteful. It seems to me, that when little girls wear costumes like that, you pay more attention to the girl than her costume. I took ballet for seven years you know! My mom thought it would improve my balance. . . . hee hee.

Ryanne said...

What a wonderful day and a great place for her dance recital! Her costume is so pretty!

Karen said...

Lucy and Rachel are so beautiful...sweet, cute and beautiful.