Lucy's Party

Lucy's long-anticipated birthday party was last Friday. She has had her party planned ever since we went and tie-dyed capes at Audrey's house last August.

As the middle (and least difficult) child, Lucy sometimes gets the short end of the stick. But of all my kids, Lucy has had the very best birthday parties: Bike Parade at Beus Pond in 2008,Talent Show at Ogden Amphitheater in 2009, and Bounce House Surprise Party in 2010. This year's party was a winner too.

Kool-Aid packets.

Silk scarves from Dharma Trading Co.

Ten girls.

While the scarves were drying, Steve set up an obstacle course in the backyard.

It included running across the lawn with a tennis ball balanced on a racket, climbing through tunnels, and kicking a ball across the lawn and into a bucket.

Rolling up in a quilt and rolling down the lawn was part of the course, as well.

And then they each got to run through the "finish line".

Steve was also the official timer. Isn't he great?

Since I have officially given up on baking cupcakes, Lucy picked ice cream cones as her treat.

Then Lucy led all of her friends on a "parade" down the block. It was definitely the highlight of the party.

We sure love Lucy. And her fun parties.

(Thanks for the great pictures, Rebecca!)


Ryanne said...

What a wonderful birthday party! I love the scarfs; we're going to have to do that for one of our craft days.

MaRea Hess said...

What a fun party! The smile on her face says it all, I think she liked it.

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! What a great party. You really are the coolest Mom on the planet. Seriously, I hope your kids know how great you are.

Anonymous said...

I was concerned when Sophia's teeth grew in they way they did, but looking at the cute individual girl pictures, apparently she's a normal 7 yr. old! She had so much fun at Lucy's party and has worn her scarf daily.