Lunch With the Mayor 2011

Rachel and Lucy had such a great time at lunch with the mayor last year, that we made sure to bid on it at the school auction again this year. These pictures are going to look a little familiar because the format was very similar to 2010.

They each invited two friends, so I took three first-grade girls and three second-grade girls to the city offices for lunch.

The very first thing they did was run to the bathroom to get their picture taken in the shower. (And wash their hands.)

We ate pizza and enjoyed ice cream from Trudy's Poppin' Johnny Ice Cream.

And we tried to pick out our homes from his ninth floor office.

The girls were not the least bit shy and jumped right into their questions for the mayor. Sarah quickly asked what the mayor's plans were to improve the parks in Ogden. (They are all getting an overhaul, starting with Liberty Park.) They asked about privacy issues regarding the blimp. (I think he said they were going to call it Viper?) Rachel told him her very creative plan to catch the "mouthwash bandit" at the Oasis Community Garden. (But we decided it probably wasn't going to be very effective.) And they were most excited to get an update on the plans for a new water slide. Many of the girls had suggestions for the mayor (more skijoring, less snowmobile racing at next year's Winterfest). And I happened to have a few suggestions myself.

Mayor Godfrey told the girls about a new, top-secret plan that he said couldn't be discussed outside of the room. It was pretty exciting. The girls thanked the mayor for things he had done well (like how he moved the bus stop and planted flowers in front of the city offices so the transient crowd found a new place to hang out). And he told us that the city is planning to buy the house across the street from us to fix up and resell. (Hurray! Who wants to come be my neighbor??) There was so much good information; I probably should have taken notes.

Mayor Godfrey asked the girls a few questions while we waited for a few of them to finish eating. This little girl put away SIX slices of pizza! We sent her home with the leftovers as a souvenir.

After lunch, Mayor Godfrey took the girls upstairs, where the jail used to be, and told them all the story about the man who tried to break out of jail with a garden hose. And the other man who tried to break out with his bed sheets.

Most of the girls climbed up the steep stairs to the 12th floor and walked out on the roof. (I stayed down with Sophie who was a little spooked out by some of the things we saw on the 11th floor.)

Since this is his last year in office, Mayor Godfrey had the girls draw numbers and let them each take something from his office home with them. These three girls were the lucky recipients of an autographed basketball, football, and soccer ball!

A little bit of playing on the stairs, and then it was back to school to show off the souvenirs.

The mayor hosted a wonderful lunch and the girls had such a great time. I sure hope the new mayor will allow us to continue our tradition!


Stephanie said...

I wish ours would do that. I wonder if I could pass along a friendly suggestion. We might win, seeing as we live in a town with less that 2,000 people!

The Ballard's said...

But you will tell me, right?