Yikes. . . Summer School Anyone?

I'm not one to put too much emphasis into picking a school based on test scores. (Just because other kids in the class aren't smart doesn't mean my kid can't be.)

But as far as a quick snapshot of how the students at these schools are doing. . . wow.

School rank was determined by the average percentage of students in each Utah public school who scored above proficient on language arts and math. (The data were broken out into schools with more than 250 students and schools with 250 students or less. This shows the school rankings for the larger schools.)

Local Schools of Interest:

Five of the ten schools in the state with the lowest test scores are in Ogden. There isn't a whole lot of difference between the scores of the middle 200 schools, but the scores of those last 40 schools drop quite drastically. I would like to see how St. Joseph's Catholic School compares to the others.

To find the rankings for your school, click here. You can even view the raw data and look up scores by grade.

P.S. My camera is broken.


Rebecca said...

Your camera is broken?

Yay for Shadow Valley:)

Little Cherry Blossoms said...

How can we find out how ST. Joes ranks? Can you get right on that for me. :) In fact I think I am going to ask around.

Jenny said...

My aunt teaches at Dee. I'll have to give her some crap about that one.

Ryanne said...

I saw that on the news, crazy! Cache Valley did pretty well though. . . Your girls go to a charter school though, right?