Adam's 24-Hour Pet

Steve brought Adam home a pet last night.

He found it on the grass at the church.

It was a big deal in the Ballard home, which is generally pet-free.

The clear, plastic salad spinner became it's temporary home.

Adam named it Leafy. Lucy named it Shelly. Rachel named it Meatball.

I say "it" because snails are hermaphrodites. We learned that and a number of other things about snails on the internet this afternoon.

When snails are three years old they lay eggs. (The average snail lives for five years!) They bury their eggs in the dirt. A newly hatched snail will eat whatever is left of its eggshell and any eggs that have not hatched yet. The largest known snail was a Giant African Snail named Gee Geronimo. It weighed about 2 pounds and measured over 15 inches from snout to tail. Fascinating.

Almost as fascinating as when the snail was hanging from the top of the salad spinner and Kaleigh pulled the cord.

We decided that was enough torture for one little mollusk and returned him to the great outdoors tonight.

Goodbye, snail.


The Ballard's said...

S.i.c.K!! I think Rachel likes to name pets after meat & that is both funny and disgust.i.n.g.

Karen said...

LOL - I was going to say the same thing as Angela did about the name Rachel picked.

Mommy Named Meg said...

You guys are better parents than me. I once found a snail in my yard with Luke and promptly showed him what happens when you sprinkle salt on them. I don't know what's more disturbing that I would demonstrate such a horrible thing for my son or that he got a huge kick out of it.

Bethany said...

So funny! Eva had a pet snail last summer, and he stayed with us for about two weeks. That is, until I kept finding him crawling around the house unsupervised.

Min said...

Cool. I used to have snails as pets. I kept about 3 of them in a container under my bed . . . until I forgot to water them once. Sad day.

Thank you for not salting it.
Thank you for enjoying its time with you.
Remind me to never eat salad at your home.

Aneesa Bee said...

ha ha--too funny Kaleigh. When we moved to New Mexico, we were fascinated to find a snail in our garden. Then we found another one, and another one--and did you know they are a pest in the garden? They eat it. We had to get rid of them with lethal force. My kids are allowed to keep animals they find outside for an hour or two, and then they have to let them go. We've had too many die of neglect and I think that is too sad :-( But it's always nice when Daddy brings them home!!!