Antelope Island

On Memorial Day we took a little trip out to Antelope Island with the Loosli Family. It was chilly and windy. (Perfect to avoid the bugs.) Count 'em up. That's seven kids:

Plus two more:

We hiked up, across, and down some rocks to the beach near Lady Finger Point. It was a good thing we had Steve and Jared with us because a couple of kids fell (Adam & Lucy) and a couple of kids needed to be carried. (Adam & Kaleigh).

I woke up on Tuesday morning so sore that I pretty much needed to be carried.

Ashton, King of the Mountain:

Eliza and Rachel:

Lucy would have stayed and played on the beach all day. My assignment was to hold her hand and walk with her and try to minimize her distractions. But after a while, I decided she should be allowed to play:

I sat in the car with Adam and Kaleigh while everyone else went up to Buffalo Point. The highlight of that hike was the snake that Ashton caught:

Then we drove over to Field Garr Ranch. Every single parking spot was filled in both the upper and lower lots. (Never seen that before.) There were big crowds and a handful of vendors set up for the Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. The kids played around on the dummy roping steers, and we ate our picnic lunch. (All with cowboys serenading us in the background.) Then the older kids went around to each vendor and completed a little activity or craft and then turned their booklet in for a free bandana. Adam ran around looking for puddles to jump in.

We got out of there while everyone was still happy:

And stopped for the obligatory photo on the way out:

We started towards home, but then I realized how close we were to Day Farms and decided we needed to make a little detour:

The asparagus was pretty sparse:

But Steve and Rachel found enough for dinner:

(My main purpose in going to Day Farms was to check on the strawberries. We can't wait to go pick, but they won't be ready for a while.)


blakeandcourt said...

Lucy's party looks awesome! I would have loved party like that when I was her age. And all these years I have been in ut and I have never been to ant. Island. I definitely need to check it out!

Ryanne said...

We went there on Memorial day last year! It looks like you had fun.

congercrew said...

I've never been to Antelope Island. I know, I lived in Utah for 20 years and I've never been, must be some kind of record. You always do so many fun things with your kids. We might have to start hanging out after I move.