Cotton Candy Fest

We are big fans of Summerfest. Especially Rachel, who has a thing for traditions. (She's never missed a year.)

The kids love the art tent (they let me drop Adam off this year, even though they had to barricade the exit to keep him from running away). And I love walking around and looking at the booths (my favorite artists were missing this year). But somehow, cotton candy has become the highlight of the event.

Check out the size of those things. How could you not be excited?

I tried to get a good group picture, but they were too busy eating so it was hard to get a shot where you could actually see their faces.

Some of the kids ended up with sticky fingers:

Some ended up with sticky eyes:

But India was clearly the winner:

We also fit in appointments with our pediatrician, a visit with my sweet Grandpa, some craziness at Sam's warehouse, dairy treats from Gossner cheese, and a quick stop at the Whittier Center Adventure Playground.


Rebecca said...

Shoot, was Owen's booth missing?

Joanie said...

You just described a week's worth of activities! I don't know how you do everything you do all the time. I tell myself it's because your kids are older and easier to handle, but then I remember you have sweet Kaleigh. And Adam, who (considering he's a boy, and from what I've taken from the blog) is a bit of a handful.

I've decided you're just crazy. Or enjoy total chaos. Your kids are the luckiest kids around, though.

The Clawson"s said...

I went to visit your cute little grandpa today. Yesterday James answered the phone to hear a cheerful little old man asking for me. Emily he's a treat to be around. He called to ask if I would like any of his wonderful lettuce. He remembered me from last year, and remembered that I loved his garden. I told him I'd be there first thing today. I took the new baby, and Seth to visit with me. We had a great visit, and his garden is beautiful. You're a lucky girl to have such a kind grandpa! Happy summer, and I'm glad you're getting back to normal!