Steve's Job: The Lame vs. The Cool

The lame parts about Steve's job:

1. The long hours. It's almost midnight and he is still at the restaurant. And we are supposed to put in two hours on the new menu tonight when he (eventually) gets home.

2. When he has to work on Friday nights. And Saturdays. And holidays. (Like the Fourth of July.)

3. Mean reviews. He takes them very personally. People love to complain, but rarely make the effort to compliment. Most people have no idea how hard we work to keep that restaurant going so we can pay the bills. If you want to make Steve's day, tell him something you like about Sonora Grill here, here, or here (scroll down until you see Reviews by Google users and click on Rate and review). If you do, I'll give you a prize.

The cool parts about Steve's job:

1. Eating at Sonora Grill. When I go out to lunch with friends, sometimes they offer to go somewhere else, wondering if I am sick of eating at Sonora Grill. I'm not. (And I don't think I ever will be.)

2. Excuses to eat awesome food at other places too. Like Vegas. And this place. We've had our tickets since March, and I am so, so, so excited.

3. Free passes to cool things. Like iFLY.

Ever since our neighbor went and spoke to Rachel's class on Veterans Day about jumping out of planes as a paratrooper, we told him we were going to take him to iFLY with us. So when Steve got some passes a few weeks ago, we scheduled our date.

Tuesday wasn't best day for me. I had a terrible sinus cold. The dishwasher broke and leaked all over the kitchen floor, leaving some of the wood warped. Kaleigh dumped a tall glass of milk off the counter. There were dirty dishes (and dirty laundry) everywhere. I might have yelled at my husband and kids to get off my sheets with their dirty clothes (and shoes) on. (Duvet cover was in the wash because Adam peed on my bed in his sleep.) But we had our reservations for iFLY, and we were going.

We left the house ten minutes late. And then Steve ran over Adam's rake in the driveway. The tire deflated instantly. We transferred car seats into our neighbor's vehicles (it took two) and finally made it the six blocks to the Solomon Center.

Rachel is an old pro; it was her third time:

Lucy was a little nervous for her first flight:

And I was a little nervous about Adam. Mostly because the flight instructors remembered him from a year or two ago. . . as the boy who pulled down his pants and mooned someone in the tunnel. These days that might not phase me, but back then, it was so bizarre. He had never done anything like that before. And then all of the sudden, there he was, with his cheeks up against the clear, acrylic wall of the wind tunnel.

Here is the whole group, pre-flight:

Adam was all set to go until it was his turn and he looked down the air chamber:


The instructor was really nice and tried to help him feel comfortable:


But as soon as that air turned on, Adam's legs started kicking:


More jumping around, trying to ease him into it:


There was more kicking. But he finally calmed down enough to have a good flying experience:


A fun time was had by all, but we should have just taken Adam to go jump on a trampoline.


The Ballard's said...

I like it when Steve has crazy hours because if he didn't we wouldn't get to do so much together:) It makes it okay that Mike isn't home too.
You guys are lucky to have that guy for a neighbor and he is lucky to have you too!! What a great activity. Did he like it?

Mommy Named Meg said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I tried to write reviews for Sonora on all those sites, but the 2nd one didn't work. I wrote the review, but the submit button didn't work. So you'll have to tell Steve for me that had I been able I'd have said in that review that Sonora is awesome! My new favorite place to eat! Sorry about the mean reviews, and the sinus cold, and the rake. Get better soon!

emily ballard said...

Thanks, Meghan! Steve says he thinks you might have to log in and set up a profile to submit a review. Glad to hear you and Kirk like Sonora- and I really am going to give you a prize :)

Min said...

I'd like to point out that I DID comment to you (and you were supposed to pass them on) about how I loved the Chimichangas and that new hot pink colored drink.

As for 3, I meant no meanness, but I do know it takes happy customers to keep a business going and if it were me, I'd rather have suggestions posed by friends who care rather than strangers who don't. I expect a lot from a company I'm giving my (also hard earned) money to. Good service = good word of mouth advertising.

Katie said...

I remember Steve once pointing out in a Sabor server meeting that if people have a good experience they might tell a friend or two...but probably they'll just keep quiet. But if they have a BAD experience, OH MAN! They will tell nearly everyone they know! It stinks! I'm so grateful for kind customers that are vocal if they are happy!

And I LOVE that mooning story...that's hilarious! I bet it was an embarrassing mom moment...but one that will be fun to embarrass him with when he's older!

Mommy Named Meg said...

Ohh really? A Prize! Goody!