My Favorite Tees for Less Than Three Bucks!

These are my favorite t-shirts:

The Women's Perfect Tee from Old Navy.

The shirts are available in tall sizes at oldnavy.com. They are nice and thin for warm weather and fit long and lean. (Long enough I can even put them through the dryer!)

They offer a variety of very dark, boring colors. (Just my style.) And also bright, vibrant colors. (I tried to order some, but I just couldn't do it.)

They are on sale for $4.00, so I decided it was time to replace the ones I've worn for the last couple of years.

I went to place my order and . . . surprise! A coupon code for 30 percent off!

At $2.80 each, you really can't go wrong! But you need to hurry. . . the code expires on 6/28.

I love Old Navy. And Gap. And Banana Republic (when I can afford it.) I bet we spend 75 percent of our clothing budget at those three stores alone. I love that they each carry a wonderful selection of men's and women's clothing in tall sizes. Just wish they offered them in-store and at the outlets.


Mindy said...

Thanks for the tip Em! I just ordered a bunch of the shirts. The coupon code wouldn't work for me, however, the same one with 25 at the end istead of 30 gave me 25% off. Still a great deal.

Angela said...

Thanks Emily. I just stocked up. I call it my mom uniform: jeans and a t-shirt. Love your blog.

Min said...

Only 20% now.

Mommy Named Meg said...

I love those shirts too! Those and aeropostale Henley shirts with the buttons that go half way own. Those are for when I dress up though. I'm also biased to Aero because I used to work there. Gosh I miss the discount!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Emily. I just got myself some new duds:)

Rebecca said...

Muchas Gracias! I'm going to order some tonight.