Bear Lake

My kids spent the first three weeks of July counting down the days until we got to visit the Loosli Family in Bear Lake. Each year, they spend the entire month of July at the lake with their extended Eyre Family.

To say my kids have missed the Looslis would be an understatement. Rachel and Lucy had a difficult time remembering that Eliza was out of town, repeatedly asking if they could invite her to go places with us. Adam begged (daily) if he could go play at Oliver and Silas's house. And Kaleigh cried for Ashton. (Actually, she still does.)

The day finally came, and the kids were reunited with their friends:

The little kids went for a ride on the sailboat (pulled on the beach by a tractor):

And the big kids did some tubing:

There was also dancing on the dock:

Playing in the sand:

Soaking in the hot tub:

And then there was the part we should have skipped. Or rather, Steve should have skipped.

He could have stopped himself here:

Or here:

But he says he couldn't resist the peer pressure from these guys:

And Steve ended up on the wakeboard. It was his first time since we went with Kyle and MaRea years and years ago. I think I was pregnant with. . . Rachel? (That would have been nine years ago!)

He paid the price later that night. And into the early morning hours. (Steve told me the next day that he almost went to the hospital!) And he was still in serious pain a few days later. Poor guy called me from work and said he couldn't open the door. But at least he showed those boys he could wakeboard!

We enjoyed some great discussions (added to by some other visiting friends, who had recently returned from living in India for 18 months with their young family). I was enlightened, inspired, and I also partly modified some of my plans for international travel with my kids.

In addition, we had the opportunity to meet some of rest of the Eyre family. Let me just say that they are quality people. Every single one of them. Linda is one of the most genuinely kind women you will meet, and Richard was always seen holding a grandchild or engaging in a riveting conversation with his children. (He also told me he walked around the corner and thought he saw Mickey Mouse's shadow. . . but it was just Kaleigh's hair.)

And before there are any more questions- yes, I met Shawni. And she appeared to be completely amazing and completely normal at the same time. I had no idea how much of a celebrity she was until everyone started asking me about her :) I am relieved that my life is not examined as closely as hers is. But good news: I won't ever have to worry about becoming Mother of the Year because I just went inside and warned my kids NOT to follow me because I was going in to get away from them!

We enjoyed great food (Steve brought dinner from Sonora Grill) and the kids played in the water until the sun went down:

So thankful for this friendship between Rachel and Eliza:

And the friendship we have with the whole Loosli family.


@udj said...

You live such a full and adventurous life, I really enjoy hearing about it, and seeing pictures. Thanks for sharing.
I wish I had a "spend the month of July at Bear Lake with my family tradition."

Rebecca said...

Ahhh! That looks like fun! It reminds me of when we used to go to Bear Lake in the summers when we were little. It's crazy to think that OUR kids are that same age now! It would be fun to pull out all of our Bear Lake pictures and match them up with the ages of our kids right now. Good times.

Ryanne said...

Look like such a fun time. I heard the water is really high this year. We went over to see a show at the Pickleville playhouse but haven't played at the lake yet.

Amanda said...

Brings back such memories. Jared and I's first date included that boat, and hot tub, and beach.
That is also when I learned who the Eyres were as well. They are an amazing family for sure!

Saren said...

I finally have a few minutes to catch up on blogs. You captured our wonderful day together so well! My family loved meeting you guys and they're all anxious to visit Sonora Grill after those delicious tacos. We are grateful every day that you are our neighbors.