Craft Day is BACK

After a four month hiatus, unintentionally caused by my surgeries and Angela's new job, Craft Day is back. We have had three activities that should be documented.

#1 Glass Etching on Time Capsules

I first saw this great idea to make time capsules on Say Yes To Hoboken. Rachel thinks she needs to save ticket stubs and trinkets from everything we do, so I immediately put time capsule jars in the Craft Day queue. A month later, I went to a Relief Society activity where we etched our last names on Pyrex baking dishes, so I thought it would be perfect to combine the two.

I know there are easier ways to label a Mason jar, but I was pretty impressed with the glass etching and was thinking up with all sorts of things I wanted to etch. I love my etched Pyrex pans and think stores should sell mini glass etching kits right next to the Pyrex dishes in the cookware aisle. And someday, when I am bored, I am going to etch my name on all of my canning jars.

The craft, itself, was super simple. Before we started, we warned the kids that they could die if they touched the cream. Some opted not to even touch the paintbrush. We applied the vinyl stickers my friend made for each of the kids onto the jars, covered them with glass etching cream, waited five minutes, washed them off and, voila, Personalized Time Capsules:

Rachel's is already on her dresser, filled to the brim with an autographed baseball, a pretty rock, the teeth she's lost this year, a funeral program, her admission bracelet to iRock, movie ticket stubs, and a special note from a friend.

Lucy's is still empty. I've seen her use it as a drinking glass a few times. (Another great etching idea?)

#2 Decorating Bikes

Last year, we decorated bikes the old fashioned way, with rolls of crepe paper. But now that Angela is an expert wrapper of all things broken and burned, she had this brilliant idea to use Coban wrap to decorate the bikes. (Sad that Jake had to get in a bicycle accident for her to come up with this. But it really is brilliant.)

This really took our decorated bikes to a whole new level. There were no crepe paper streamers falling off the bike and dragging on the road. And there was no pink showing through on Rachel or Lucy's bike (the ultimate goal). Our bikes look just as good today as they did when we first decorated them ten days ago. And with all of the cool colors you can buy the wrap in, the possibilities are endless. (I've seen zebra print for sale at Claire's.)

I said we decorated them, but this really turned into a craft for the mothers. (The kids did affix UNO cards in their spokes all by themselves.) Coban wrap is pricey, so we cut the wrap into squares and then wrapped them on, one at a time. Certain areas of the bike were trickier than others. And certain kids were more determined to help than others.

When we finally finished wrapping all of the bikes, we decided that next year, they are going to ride scooters in the parades. Or maybe we should leave the wrap on their bikes and see if it will last until 2012. P.S. The cheapest place to buy the wrap is at CAL Ranch.

#3 Free Adventures at Lagoon

We went to Lagoon last Wednesday and didn't ride any rides, play any games, or buy any treats. It was North Ogden's Stake Lagoon Day, and Angela had free entrance passes. We decided to take the kids to go see all of the things at Lagoon that are usually skipped over because of all of the fun rides.

We started out in Pioneer Village, where Angela taught the kids all sorts of interesting things in the little stores and buildings. Like why uppercase letters and lowercase letters are called such. And that the girls working at the telephone exchange would wear roller skates to get around as they went up and down connecting and disconnecting calls. I had never been through Pioneer Village, other than to get ice cream or to take an Old West photo, and was surprised how much of an attraction (and teaching opportunity) it is. I know Angela taught them plenty of other things as they lingered through all of the museums and shops, but I was on chase Adam duty, so I missed out on a lot of the learning.

Next up was The Great American Jukebox where we got to watch and listen to some fabulous dancing and singing. Gracie, Lucy, and Kaleigh all seemed to really enjoy the show. Rachel was mostly mortified by the perfomances, which made watching her very entertaining. The highlight was when Gracie was pulled out of the audience up to the stage during the Lady Gaga song. It couldn't have been more perfect.

We saw the sickly-looking animals that don't seem like they belong, walked through the park and found this year's new ride, let the kids run through the fountains, and were on our way. Overall, the kids did great with being at Lagoon, but not being able to ride any rides. Adam was the only one who complained, and he just didn't get it. And all of the kids were super excited when we rewarded them with a stop on the way home at Burger King for Coke Icees. Good times at Craft Day.

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