I Love Lagoon

I only rode a handful of rides myself: BomBora, OdySea, and Flying Aces.

But I absolutely loved watching my kids.

The spectrum of emotions at Lagoon is fantastic.

I loved that Lucy has finally graduated from the kiddie rides and now goes on the scary rides with the big kids.

I loved watching their excitement.

I loved it when Kaleigh waved every single time she passed me on a ride.

I loved watching Adam and Kaleigh play so well together.

And, call me mean, but I even liked seeing Adam so scared. Immediately after I took this picture, he told me I had to put one hand on him and one hand on the bar so he wouldn't fall.

P.S. I just noticed that Rachel wore the same shirt that Lucy wore in these pictures at Lagoon from last year. Yes, Rachel is now the official recipient of hand-me-downs from Lucy.


Mommy Named Meg said...

I don't blame Adam. Those things are scary! I really don't like them. When Kirk and I went I told him the same thing Adam told you...lol

Rebecca said...

I LOVE that first picture and I love the expressions you captured and of course, I love Kaleigh's cute hair.

@udj said...

I love that you like Lagoon. I don't care for rides and amusement parks at all, but when someone else loves it like you do, it kind of makes me want to go.

Mindy said...

Em those are awesome pictures! And I don't think you're mean...I do stuff all the time to my boys knowing it will probably scare them, but loving the scared face :)

Kelly said...

I love that car photo of Adam and Kaleigh - it must be nice (and not nice at times :) that they are so close in age and will always have eachother to play with.