In Case You Were Wondering. . .

Our Christmas lights are on. The kids plugged in a strand of lights the other night, and I decided to leave them on. I'm hoping it draws enough attention that Steve will finally take them down. If nothing else, the pizza delivery guy got a good laugh out of us the other night. We have turned into those people. The ones I used to make fun of.

I have gained ten pounds. More evidence that my surgery was successful. Pros: 1. My mother will be pleased. 2. It's nice not having to wear a belt every single day. 3. It's thoroughly fun to tease Steve that fifty more pounds are coming. Cons: 1. Any more and I may have to buy new clothes. 2. As I was sitting on the beach at Bear Lake with the sun-darkened, athletic Eyre women yesterday, I became acutely aware that not only have I gained ten pounds, but I also haven't participated in any form of exercise for five months. And my legs could use some sun exposure. More on that fun day later. 3. Rachel told me I take up too much space on the rocking bench in our backyard. "Seriously, Mom, you have half the bench!"

Kaleigh was, officially, the easiest child to potty train. Easiest child ever. She still wears Pull-Ups at night and when she naps, but other than that, she is doing amazingly well. Only two accidents in three weeks. Her stubbornness has some benefits.

No more cable tv at the Ballard house. We have officially begun saving money for our trip to South Africa and, subsequently, canceled our cable. The amount of money we would have paid to Comcast over the next 18 months is equivalent to the cost of my plane ticket to South Africa. I say my ticket because I think no television affects me the most, so it should count as my ticket. The house is awfully quiet late at night when all of the kids are asleep and Steve is still at work. We will be looking for more ways to save/earn money over the next year to pay for our trip. Unless I can talk Derrick into paying for all of us. He is a hard worker and a good saver.

Adam still manages to watch a lot of tv and movies. We can pick up a few channels, including Qubo, with a rabbit ear antenna that sits on top of our flat screen television. Classy, I know. Adam spends more time watching our Living Scripture dvds than Rachel and Lucy ever did. He loves all of the fighting, and apparently, he's learning about some other things too. The other night, Steve was wearing a headlamp and Adam said, "Don't shine that light in my eyes! Do you want me to go blind and make Jesus come and put mud and water in my eyes so I can see again?"

We got a trampoline. Rebecca's friend was moving and we were the lucky recipients. Our kids are in heaven. Especially Lucy who officially "earned" the trampoline by participating in the "Fit in Six" competition with me back in February.

Steve has good timing. In our relationship, I am usually the one saying rude things. But every once in a while, Steve lets something slip from his almost-always judicious mouth. And it's probably because of its rarity that I get mighty offended when it happens. It happened last night. He spent the morning apologizing. I was still upset until I got the mail and saw an envelope addressed to Emily Ballard from Steve Ballard. He told me it was a funny story why he actually mailed the card the other day. All I know is that the timing was perfect because it's almost impossible to be mad at someone who sends you a card like this:

P.S. I am still going to write all about Outstanding in the Field and the rest of our trip to Jackson. Soon. Because it was awesome.


i'm h.mac said...

the jesus comment has me rolling...really rolling. oh. you still need 50 pounds! you are the skinniest person i know, get one the bacon!!

Rebecca said...

That is a FUNNY card. Sydney needs some of those since she is a bacon lover.

Min said...

I need a duplicate of that card.

And speaking of bacon, I hope you can eat bacon now, because I mourned the day you said you would not be able to eat bacon again the rest of your life.
I'm still trying to figure out how there will be bacon in heaven. Because I know there will be, but I don't think we'll be killing pigs.

If I am really nice, can I still go to South Africa with you guys? Puhlease. And I won't make Derrick pay for my ticket . . . unless he wants to.