Panoramic Weekend

I downloaded a really neat iPhone app called Pano a couple weeks ago and used it for my first (and second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. . . ) time this weekend. The app makes it super easy to create images with elongated fields of view, which was absolutely perfect to capture the long table at Outstanding in the Field. Pano provides a semi-transparent shadow that helps you line up consecutive photos, and then it carefully aligns, blends, and stitches the pictures together, almost flawlessly. I had so much fun creating beautiful panoramic pictures with my iPhone that I had a hard time putting it down to take photos with my real camera. Pano is on sale for only $1.99 and is now one of my very favorite apps.

After I get unpacked and catch up on the dishes and laundry, I will post more pictures with details about our incredible weekend. But, until then, enjoy these panoramas:

Mead Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming

Outstanding in the Field

Grand Targhee Music Festival
Blankets and chairs are mostly unoccupied at this point in the day because it was hot!

Grand Targhee Music Festival
Much more relaxing once the sun went down. (This picture didn't turn out very well. The blanket next to the blue cooler is a little messed up. . . as it the lady sitting in the chair above it.)

Teton Canyon Campground near Driggs, Idaho
More pictures to come. Like one showing what the crazy attacking squirrel did to our tent.

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Ryanne said...

I love those pictures. I used to try and do that on my own, have some good pictures from it. What's outstanding in the field?