TV Famous, Blog Famous, and Gracie Famous

A couple of weeks ago, my sister asked me if I knew a 10-year old girl who would like to be a model for a photo shoot for The Food Nanny. My niece, Gracie, happens to be my favorite 10-year old girl, so she got the job.

I took all of the girls with me, and we drove down to the delightful home of Leah Wright, otherwise known as Shimmy Girl. Gracie met her fake dad and her fake mom and was assigned to sit at the kitchen table and play with her phone, instead of eating dinner. She was told to act annoyed and irritated, which Gracie did indubitably well. When the photographer complimented her on the great looks she was giving, she wittingly replied that she had had some practice. Gracie was absolutely perfect.

I had told the girls that they were going to meet someone famous (referring to Courtney Kendrick). Rachel very eagerly waited for her to arrive. In the meantime, she got to meet Liz Edmunds, who was very much friendly and energetic. (I will admit I had not heard of The Food Nanny before this, but anyone with a weekly television show is "famous". . . right?)

Lucy spent a lot of the time playing outside in the fabulous yard, but Rachel stayed close to watch all of the action (and play with the little kids):

While we were waiting for lunch to arrive, they all pretended to be models:

You can see much better images of the photo shoot here. (My pictures were quickly snapped with my phone while trying to keep an eye on my other kids, one of whom seemed determined to wreck the immaculate house.)

Pretty safe to say the four girls had a good time:

That night, when we were selling fresh herbs at the farmer's market, I heard Rachel yell out, "Come buy your lettuce and herbs from the famous, Gracie Ballard!"

Be sure to let me know when you see the ad debut in LDS Living or The Deseret News.

And if you want to tune into CW30 on Sunday at 9:00 pm, you might recognize someone else who just became famous. (Hint: she looks darling in a cowgirl hat.)

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Rebecca said...

Fun! I love love that adoring look that Lucy in giving Kaleigh in the swing picture. I can't wait the see the famous Gracie Ballard in print! (and I'm so glad that I got to see the famous Lucy in action!)