All Five Ballards

My nephew, Jake, got baptized last Saturday. My sister-in-laws, Karen and Angie, flew in from North Carolina and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for the occasion. Talk about some dedicated aunts.

Actually, one was here for a scheduled trip, but the other one really did fly in, just for the baptism. She didn't want to be the only one left out. All five Ballard siblings were there:

I hurried and snapped one shot of each pose with my camera. Everyone was smiling and all eyes were open. That would take some sort of a miracle with my family, but the Ballards have it down. (Mike hurried and changed out of his church clothes because he was the grillman.)

Then I took thirteen shots of the kids. And this is the best I got. (The ones with Kaleigh didn't turn out so well.) This picture shows twelve of Richard and Gloria's fifteen grandchildren. Derrick isn't very eager (or willing) to be in the pictures with the little kids, so Kaleigh usually takes his place :)

Jake's baptism was really special and I loved hearing Jack's talk and Ethan's testimony. My kids have great cousins who make good decisions and are setting wonderful examples for them.

Steve's talk was good too. . . but since I haven't seen Star Wars, I didn't get it. I sure am missing out on a lot with all of these movie references.

It's too bad that Steve doesn't read my blog because that was supposed to be sarcastic.

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Rebecca said...

Guess what? I just bought a VHS copy of Star Wars...you can come over and watch it anytime:) What a great family you married into!