Bonding with the Tomatoes

I think we are finally friends. Me and the tomatoes, that is.

We had some bonding issues. Bonding and attachment are supposed to happen instinctively. But I was separated from the garden for a while, due to medical reasons, and missed out on that intense attachment that develops within those first few weeks after planting.

I had been feeling guilty.

I know that it's normal to feel uncertain, scared, or disconnected at first. But I was a mess. I was ignoring my garden's needs, not noticing when it needed more water, or responding to its cues.

I decided to maximize the quality of the time that I still have, ensuring that my garden has a caregiver who also realizes the importance of bonding and attachment.

My feelings deepened.

The more responsive you are to a garden's needs, the less "spoiled" the garden will be as it grows. Bonding creates trust, and gardens with secure attachments tend to be more independent.

Attachment is a two-way interactive process where my garden reads my cues and I read hers.

And tonight, after picking 462 tomatoes, I think I am finally filled with joy and love for our garden. We have bonded.

Introducing "The Forest". (That's what Adam calls it.)

Other pretty things that I've bonded with as well.

And our very first edible corn. Ever.

Let the harvest begin.

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Rebecca said...

you are funny:) I love your garden. It is so beautiful. And delicious. Thanks for the tomatoes:)