Our First Trip to Cowabunga Bay

Last Wednesday, we dropped Adam off at Grandma's house, picked up my nephew, Jake, and took him with us to Salt Lake. I told the kids we needed to go to a few stores; Jake was coming with us to pick out his own birthday present.

We stopped at REI because I needed to return a couple of shirts. I let Jake look around and see if there was something he wanted to pick out for his birthday. Luckily, he couldn't decide on anything and said he'd wait until the next store.

I want you to know that I've had this dream for two years now. And my plan played out almost perfectly.

We kept driving south, and as expected, as soon as the gigantic water slides came into view, Rachel and Lucy yelled, in unison, "COWABUNGA BAY!"

Jake actually had the idea himself, although it came out as barely more than a mumble because it was soooo outlandish. "I know what I could do for my birthday. We could go to that water park. . . " Jake's voice trailed off and Rachel chuckled.

"Do you want to go to Cowabunga Bay?" I asked the kids, as if it were a spontaneous question.

There was lots of loud screaming.

Most of the clamor came from Rachel and Lucy. Jake was a bit more cautious because he needed to know what all of his options were. Rachel immediately asked if we could turn around and get our swimming suits. (Of course, I had already packed the swimming suits. And the towels.)

So we met up with my friend, Molly, and took this boy's birthday as an excuse to go play at Cowabunga Bay:

The water park is small enough that Rachel, Jake, and Lucy went off together and came back to check in with me every so often. There are nine water slides, and the only one I rode was plenty slow for a young toddler. I was content with just one ride down the slide because I was cold. I think you have to be 48 inches tall to be able to ride all of the slides by themselves. . . . If you're into being a sit and watch your kids play mom like I am these days, that might be the best time to take your kids. The weather was a bit on the chilly side, but I guess that also worked to our benefit because there weren't very many people there.

Kaleigh wasn't very interested in the slides, but she loved the lazy river. She also did some splashing around. And laying around. And, of course, she visited with all of the people who were sitting near us.

I must have really been going for coolest mom award because I also let the kids get those tubes full of flavored sugar for the first time. (They ask for them every time we go to the movie theater.) I told them I was taking their picture because it was the last time we were ever getting them.

I kept thinking it was going to rain, but the clouds blew over and the kids kept playing.

We went to In-N-Out for a late lunch before we drove back home. Since Adam wasn't there to run away, Kaleigh thought she should. Luckily, her poofy hair was big enough to spot her darting out into the parking lot.

Happy Birthday, Jake!


Rachael said...

So fun! We love Cowabunga Bay!

Molly said...

It was a gooood time:) Glad we actually made it happen!