Did you know that prayers really don't come true?

After Adam said the breakfast prayer this morning (he randomly prayed that he wouldn't get wet today, clarifying that he only likes getting wet from sprinklers, not the hose) he told me,

"Did you know that prayers really don't come true?"

"Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers, just not always the way we expect" I quickly responded.

"Nope. Because yesterday I please blessed that I would be good in church, but I wasn't."

I did my best to turn it into a little teaching moment. But mostly, I just tried to control my laughter. If you could have seen his facial expressions, you would have had a hard time too.


Katie said...

Oh that is awesome! Hey, at least he knows he SHOULD be good in church, and that he can pray for help....even if it won't always come true! ha!

Fox said...

That is funny. There is no way i could have held in the laugh!

HeidiAnn said...

So funny! See a similar conversation with Austin that I posted today. Adam + Austin could = real trouble!

AngelaW said...

I pray every week that Logan will be good at church, and that prayer is not being answered either.