My Daughter, the Burrito Eating Champion

It started out like every other Pioneer Day celebration in Ogden.

Watching the parade:

(I stole these cool photos from Only in Ogden's facebook page.)

Playing with cousins:

Selling soda at the Pepsi wagon in front of the Salomon Center:

Watching grown men sweat, cry, and vomit as they competed in Sonora Grill's Habanero Contest:

(No bleeding from the nose this year.)

But then something was different.

Steve had a change of heart and gave my competitive daughter, Rachel, permission to enter the burrito eating contest.

My non-competitive daughter, Lucy, wasn't interested.

Please note that her name was not included as one of the original entrants:

And then she saw the burrito. "I can eat that," she announced, with indifference.

Rachel dug in with great urgency. Lucy appeared to be casually enjoying her lunch:

The competition was fierce:

(One mother told me her son had been practicing since last year. I don't actually think we should be encouraging that sort of behavior.)

The crowd favorite quickly emerged:

(Today the kids spotted him while they were jumping on the trampoline. He lives in the apartments behind our back fence!)

All eyes were on him:

(Even some of the competitors.)

Lucy just kept enjoying her burrito:

It was about that time that Josh whispered to me that it was okay with him if his daughter didn't win a competitive eating contest. But the little boy in the orange shirt couldn't seem to swallow all of that food he had shoved into his mouth. And then it suddenly became clear that Lucy was destined to be the victor.

Don't be fooled by her effortless composure. She creamed most of the competition. When Lucy finished, some kids still had most of their burritos left on their plate:

(And I assure you, it's not because the burritos weren't good. Because they were!)

My daughter, the champion:

More fame in the Ballard Family:

And yes, it's true that I about peed my pants when the reporter asked Lucy what her motivation to win was and she said,

"I was hungry."

Funny side note: Even though Lucy won, Steve decided to give the first place prize to the little boy who won second place, who we now know lives in the apartments behind us. But Steve accidentally handed him the envelope with the winnings for the Adult Division of the Burrito Eating Contest instead of the Kids' Division. The charming five or six-year old boy walked away with a $100 gift card to Sonora Grill and $25 cash. He went to Sonora Grill with all of his friends that day and bought their meals. . . twice.


Rebecca said...

That is an AWESOME post! You tell it so well it's like I was there again!

Rebecca said...

and that it so sweet of that little boy to take all his friends to Sonora twice in one day! I love it.

Stephanie said...

That last picture of you, completely adorable by the way, looks so much like Lucy's profile to me. Fun. Slow but sure always wins the race:)

Aneesa Bee said...

Love it. I feel like I was there with your play-by-play! What an awesome story. I especially got a kick out of the boy buying food for all his friends. That's the bomb! Those Maloufs can sure eat!!

Angie said...

I just can't believe he could still eat twice at Sonora Grill after polishing off that burrito! Oh... and I love that Lucy creamed all the boys ;)

@udj said...

Yes, a good story to share indeed. Tell Lucy great job! I'm now craving Sonora Grill in a serious way, even with all the stuffing the face photos.

Darin said...

Emily here's the Tikka Masala recipe we made the other day with the Naan. It was quite tasty.


I also like the Butter Chicken recipe on the Pioneer Woman as well. It just takes a little more prep. Good luck! How are your tomatoes growing? I'm always amazed at how much further ahead Ogden is than Avon. I hope I get some tomatoes this year:)

Darin said...

Sorry it's Lisa that just posted, but Darin Adam's is at my house and he was using the computer, therefore his posting of the previous comment.

Lori said...

that's AWESOME

Bridgett said...

I love Lucy.

Ryanne said...

That is awesome, and hilarious!