National Entitlement Awareness Day & A Giveaway

I started writing a blog post of my own for National Entitlement Awareness Day.

It began with a long background of how we have always been blessed with good neighbors. The Nunn Family. The Maurer Family. My brother's family. The Sanchez Family. The Wilkinsons. Jed Platt. David & Pam Linton.

And how less than a year ago, my sister-in-law put me in touch with a lady who was moving from St. George to Ogden. She was intrigued by a house down the street from us and skeptical of the neighborhood. (Fair enough.) Of course I helped convince her to move in; we love our neighborhood.

And, just like that, we added another name to our list of wonderful neighbors: The Loosli Family. Some of you already knew about Saren, her blog, and Power of Moms. Some of you already knew who Richard & Linda Eyre were and have read some of their famous books. I didn't and hadn't. (Based on my parenting over the last few weeks, I clearly need to.)

We quickly became friends with Saren, her five kids, and great husband who calls every once in a while to make sure my kids have a ride home from school. (We also had the fabulous opportunity of meeting their pet snake!)

The Looslis are one of those families that it seems like we've known forever. I guess we actually have done a lot of things together over the last nine months. Their timing moving here couldn't have been better. The Looslis were constantly offering to help while I was recovering from surgery. (And still do.)

I couldn't be happier about this friendship:

I'm pretty lucky that Kaleigh absolutely adores Ashton (and Isaac):

And it took a few days before I understood what Adam was saying, but he was asking if he could be a twin with Oliver and Silas. Can you blame him?

And then I was going to go on about how I've learned about Power of Moms, started a Learning Circle, and met Richard & Linda Eyre. And then somehow I was going to tie that all into the upcoming release of the Eyre's new book, The Entitlement Trap. I'm sure I would have come up with some other brilliant things to say, but then I looked at my sister's blog and she said it all
so perfectly.

So I am just going to copy Rebecca's unrivaled poetic post here:

Today is the day, (the Eyres had a say)

it's "National Entitlement Awareness Day"!

So push a few buttons, here and there

and you could win some prizes to share!

I have met the authors, and they're pretty great,

They are parents and teachers, nothing less than first rate.

They have authored many books, too many to name,

they have been on Oprah & have met many people of great fame.

Their purpose is simple, their goal is clear,

They want to help families and they want everyone to hear.

They have lots of practice, they have nine children of their own,

they generously share their knowledge of how they have grown.

I know one of their daughters, and she is quite nice,

You should definitely get this book, especially at this introductory price!

So don't worry, don't delay

if you order this book, help is on the way!

The secrets of success we all want to know

Of how to help our children to best learn & to grow.


to enter.

. . . . .

Did you catch what the grand prize of their giveaway is? Free registration for you and your spouse to attend the upcoming Power of Moms Couples Retreat, including free luxury accommodations AND AIRFARE. Awesome.

I can honestly say I don't know too many people with more purpose and dedication than the Eyre Family. And most impressively, they practice what they preach.

I am quite eager to read the Eyre's new book. I've spent the last nine months feeling guilty for expecting too much from my kids (especially Rachel- I've needed her help done lots and lots of things). Right now, I need to make sure I don't go too far the other direction.

And it turns out that I could benefit from some reminders of delayed gratification, appreciating what you've got, taking responsibility, and making choices myself. . .


MaRea Hess said...

Kyle and I just got back from Education Week. The Eyers,like usual taught several classes. I loved them all:)! I can't wait for the entitlement book to come. The Hess Bank can't open early enough inside our home!!

Eyrealm said...

Emily this is such a terrific post! Thanks so much for the wonderful support and kind words! We are still enjoying the last of the wonderful fresh herbs you left AND we drool when we think of that fab Mexican dinner! How fun to meet your darling family!

Thanks again! And thanks for taking care of the Looslis!