The New Ballards on the Block

After a year of planning and preparation (and an epic roadtrip from Florida) the David Ballard Family has officially moved to Ogden.

We must not completely be used to the idea that they are here to stay because we packed in lots of family activities last week. . . as if they were on vacation.

Ballard Family Sunday Dinner:

With a new total of eleven kids attending our monthly dinners, Mike and Angie offered their wonderful backyard as our venue.

It was perfect. . . and Adam even got to climb up on the roof. (He was retrieving a rocket balloon. And he was being supervised.)


Swimming at North Shore:

Family Reunion:

I actually forgot to take pictures at the reunion, but it looks like Adam took some for me :) I also need to get some photos from Jake. He brought a frog and made some money by charging fifty cents to have your picture taken with the frog. . . smart kid!

Somehow, we also fit in Rachel and Lucy's awesome five-day rock climbing camp at The Front, Rachel's second appointment at the orthodontist for spacers, the Tour of Utah, the first-ever Steve Ballard Family bike ride (how did we not get a picture of that???), Back-to-School Night (and back-to-school shopping), Steve and Rachel's hike to Wheeler Canyon, canning apricot jam and making fruit leather, a Sonora Grill cooking class at the Farmer's Market, a fun craft day activity (yet to be documented), and we just concluded our annual new-school-clothes fashion show.

(Now do you understand how we manage to do things like run out of gas on the way to Lagoon?)

Welcome to Utah, David and Leslie. And welcome to our crazy life. . .


Karen said...

Now I feel really sad that we are the only family without the Team Ballard shirts. We are the outcasts. :(

emily ballard said...

Silly, Karen. I told you that was going to happen. No worries because it turns out I made a Team Ballard store. You can even buy a dog shirt for Herbie: