School Uniform Shopping Guide: The Extras

When I took Rachel and Lucy to Back to School Night, I was quickly reminded that there are still quite a few things I need to get before school starts (on Monday!!)

Some of these products I can vouch for. Some are still on my wishlist.

1. Mini Boden Shaggy Lined Zip Through Jacket I love these jackets so much that all four kids have one. (And always will.) The shaggy lining gives them some serious substance (and warmth), but they are still soft and comfy. These jackets are some of the most well-used articles of clothing we own. Retail price is $56, but you can often find them on eBay for $30 (or wait for a buy two, get one for $1 promotion through Mini Boden).

2. Gymboree Uniform Bike Short A must-have for wearing under jumpers, skirts, and dresses. In addition to wearing underneath their uniform jumpers, Rachel and Lucy also wear these shorts under their skirts to church almost every Sunday. Comfortable, soft cotton rib with just enough stretch to make them fit for a long time; I think Rachel has been wearing the same size since kindergarten. These are on sale for $10 right now, but they should go cheaper. . . I buy them when they go down to $5 or $6.

3. Gap Rugby Knee Highs So, so sad that my girls won't be wearing these to school this year. My sister-in-law actually read her letter from the principal and pointed out the major change to our school's uniform policy this year: "All clothing must be in solid school colors. This includes socks, leggings, long sleeved shirts, and tights." If your school allows brightly colored, patterned socks, snag this 2-pack for $10.

4. Simple Take On Elastic Sneaker I've had these in my shopping cart on amazon.com for months. Rachel picked out the "Goat" color and Lucy chose "Snow White". In a paradox of sadness that we don't have an excuse to buy new shoes and thankfulness that we don't have to, (both girls have plenty of shoes right now) in the shopping cart these cute shoes remain. (It didn't help that the price went up from $22 to $36.)

5. Tom's Goldenrod Cord Youth Classics These shoes are on Rachel's wishlist; I wouldn't mind a pair myself. Do any of you have Tom's? Do you love them? Do they hold up well? Do they fit true to size? Are they worth the money? Still debating this purchase. . . $38 is mighty steep for kids' shoes.

6. The Children's Place Flower Hair Clip When I found this on sale for two bucks, I bought one for Rachel. She wore it for the first time tonight. It was funny watching her try to take it out of her hair. She had no idea how to get it open and had to ask for help. Are spring clips really that outdated?? I wish it fit closer to the head, but I do like the poplin flowers.

7. Hanna Andersson Classic Girls Unders Best underwear, period. Full coverage and incredibly comfortable. (So I've been told.) I first bought these beauties for Lucy. Rachel once needed to borrow a pair and never went back. On sale for $14 (3-pack). They run extremely large. Rachel and Lucy both still wear smalls, which are supposed to be sized for girls 3-6 years old. I could go on and on about these, but let me just say that whether your daughter has a large bum or a tiny bum, these are the best underwear on the market. And I love that they are called unders. (Also available in bright colors.)

8. Mini Boden Fun Wellies I was going to wait for a promotion to buy these cute rain boots for Lucy, but they are already sold out in five sizes, so I might need to fork out the $36 before they are all gone. I love rain boots, and so do my kids! (Please note: the only review left for these boots says they run one or two sizes too small.)

9. Gymboree Polka Dot Streamer Pony Holder I love how these ponytail holders with ribbons look in Lucy's hair. I keep thinking I am going to make my own, but since I have to go to Gymboree to get some plain, white knee high socks anyway, I'll probably just go ahead and buy one. Let's talk about Gymboree and their brilliant marketing tactics. Buy one (for $8) get one at 50% off . . . they sure know how to upsale. Don't even get me started on Gymbucks. Marketing geniuses.

10. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes I'm a big fan of All Stars. Love the simpleness. Love that they match everything. Love the colors. And because Derrick's first pair of new shoes in the U.S. was a pair of All Stars, they will always have a special meaning to me.

Happy Shopping. . .

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Larissa Dobbin said...

Oh, thanks for this! Having a shopping list can be seriously useful. When you have kids, it's even more useful in keeping you from being troubled once you start searching for the things they need in school.

-Larissa Dobbin