Some Things You Should Know About My Daughter

Rachel came home from school last week with some homework for me. I should have scanned it, but at least I hurried and took a few pictures with my phone before she returned it to her teacher.

Your child's success if of the utmost importance to me as we begin the school year. Please lend me a hand by taking a few minutes to jot down some thoughts about the following items as they relate to your child.

Needs to know everything that is going on. Exhibits some anxiety. . . OCD.

Special Diet:
Will be getting braces next week. She should avoid chewy foods. (Can she chew a piece of gum for a few minutes after lunch?)

Special Talents:
Very good at teaching her peers how to do things. She can be patient, responsible, and very aware.

Academic Strengths/Weaknesses:
Detail-oriented. Fast and quick. Gets bored when things are too easy. Does not like to do things that are "too difficult" for her. Like Spanish.

Peer Relations:
Very sensitive to smells, like boys! Easily disgusted by nose-pickers. (She asked me to write that!)

Hiking, biking, swimming, playing outside, TALKING, asking questions, eavesdropping.

Discipline Strategies that Have/Haven't Worked:
Rachel is a good girl. Be very clear about your expectations, and she will behave. She is very sensitive. If you yell at her, she might cry.

Medical History/Medication(s):
Complains of stomach ache (often when nervous). I will send Tums or Children's Tylenol for her to keep in front office. Has fainted 3-4 times. When she faints, she seizes up. This is NOT a real seizure.

Work Habits:
Wants everything to be perfect. Gets frustrated if things are spelled incorrectly.

. . . . . .

I would love to be able to see how my mother would have filled out a worksheet like this when I was eight years old.

Or maybe I wouldn't?


Julie said...

She sounds so much like Berkley!

Min said...

Wow. Rachel and I have SO much in common. How interesting.

I, too, definitely would have liked to know how my mother would have filled out one of these. I'm putting it on my mother list. It would be interesting to review these questions from year to year about my child.